Game Grade: Uncharted 4, A Thief’s End (Review)

Wow. What an experience. That’s the best way to start ANYTHING that’s currently talking about Uncharted 4. When I began, I had come fresh off of playing the recently released Nathan Drake Collection. After breezing through the three games, I had come to really learn and grow with eclectic, eccentric, daring, dashing, Nathan Drake. I came to meet and love bold, beautiful Elena Fisher. Finally, who doesn’t love the old bad ass himself, Victor “Sully” Sullivan? However, as I romped through these games, I often found myself being over encumbered by a feeling of anger towards the older games in the series. They really did feel dated, even with the HD release, the mechanics and features of the games were definitely relics from times past.

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While they certainly told a beautiful story, it was very hard, on occasion, to truly get connected with the experience of the games, as the earlier entries had such frustrating, and sometimes unnecessary components. Always great acting and mildly interesting puzzles couldn’t trump the atrocious shooting and cover mechanics, and extremely frustrating shooting segments. What often was an attempt to pit all-around swashbuckler Drake against odds that would show his daring, I was often given a feeling of frustration as I died over and over again, not due to my own play, but due to glitchy, or often buggy responses or mechanics. Luckily, all of this melted away by the time I hit the the finish line of the fourth game.

A Thief’s End had an explosive start. Boasting a beautiful, and I mean beautiful set of graphics, you are immediately taken in by the realism of the content you are currently consuming. Folks, when I tell you that I’m absolutely blown away by the technical limitations that Naughty Dog has blown past, I truly flash back to the days of Nintendo 64, and marvel at the wonders of how far we’ve come. At times, when I was moving through the wilds of Madagascar, or moving through the sprawling scenery of Scotland, I couldn’t help but look around at the amazing, and often times all too realistic world that Naughty Dog had taken their time to craft.

A fitting ending to this series, all of my gripes continued to melt away as I took in the revamped and re-imagined shooting mechanics. Boy, oh boy, were those mechanics revamped. Shooting now feels natural, it feels as though Drake actually HAS experience wielding the guns that he’s had so much time to use over the years. Situations that involve Nate swinging daringly from set piece to set piece allow you to shoot as you swing, breaking out my inner Indiana Jones. Honestly, at certain points I really HAD to feel like I was in an Indiana Jones flick, except whip-less, and with Nate being controlled directly by me, pulling off crazy stunts. On top of all of this, the story itself does a fine job of keeping you engrossed.

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Lost pirate treasure? Got it. A tale of two brothers, revealing more backstory of Drake? Got it. All of your favorite characters tagging along for one final ride? Got that too. It’s pretty impressive how much fan service, and how many loose ends were able to be tied up in this story. Without spoiling or giving away anything, they really couldn’t have given much more catharsis if they had tried. I will say, I recommend playing the Nathan Drake collection before going headlong into the first, as you will find yourself missing certain aspects. If you’d just like to delve into A Thief’s End, the story itself is definitely great as a standalone.

All in all, my sixty dollars was well spent. I was blown away at how much fun I truly had with this game, and I cannot recommend it enough. The 9/10 and 10/10 ratings that this games is getting are well deserved, as it is both a technological masterpiece, as well as a pretty entertaining story, and a phenomenal sendoff to a beloved set of characters. Hats off to you Drake, it’s been one hell of a ride. Uncharted 4 definitely gets an A from us.

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  1. Mariza says:

    Great post 🙂 I really enjoyed reading it! Have you ever shared it on any gaming sites?

    1. We’re working on getting more and more circulation, as we’re pretty new. Thanks for your feedback though, we hope we’ve earned a loyal reader!

      1. Mariza says:

        You’re welcome! Cool! If you’d be interested, I’d love to help you get seen on Moviepilot’s NowLoading. For more information email me at 🙂

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