Singled Out: Drug Dealers Anonymous (Review)

Well, this was an unexpected treat. Today, we’re talking about the recently released Pusha T single, featuring none other than Jay-Z. Drug Dealer’s Anonymous has been here for a few days folks, and after taking some time to marinate, it’s pretty clear that Jay-Z has decided that he’s coming for the heads of everyone who thinks he’s some sort of a joke. It’s been my long touted opinion that Jay is the best of all time, and he just keeps throwing his hat in the ring to prove it. Dropping a song with fellow felon Pusha T, it seems that HOV is clapping back at the folks who gave him so much grief over Ms.Beyonce’s latest album, Lemonade. Lemonade illuminated the marriage problems the two seemed to be having for some time, truly painting Jay in an interesting light. Prior to this, he had seen fit to address even more concerns on the All The Way Up remix with Fat Joe and Remy Ma.



However, don’t let me discount King Push himself. After all, this IS his song. It’s a sample of what’s to come from his soon to be debuted album, King Push. Truly, the two rap icons trade hard hitting blows and poignant punch lines on this track. Both of them put a lifetime of experiences into the blueprint of this amazing single, and the two of them definitely know how to deliver. Honestly, I was shocked at the chemistry that translated between the two. You can tell that this project had been in the works for quite a while. Unfortunately, those who are not subscribed to Tidal will not be able to hear the track, I can definitely say that this is a wonderful sample of what’s to come from Pusha’s upcoming album, King Push.

To speak a bit more about the production, the beat is ominous, yet nostalgic. The production fits the time traveling vibe of the track. Looking backwards, Pusha brings us to now, brings us to the life he’s accomplished after having grown out of the life of a drug dealer…probably. Whereas HOV talks about moving out of the crime light and into the lime light. Both show progression in not only how far they’ve come as people, but also let their true chops shine when they these extremely old school flows. Honestly, it took me three or four listens to really catch every entendre. There are definitely some heavy hitting punch lines in this one.


I particularly enjoyed the line from Jay, “I’ve been brackin since the eighties, Google me baby, ya crrrraaaazy”. Nodding at Fox host Tomi Lauren, who had famously called Beyonce out for her pro-black movements while Jay-Z had been a fourteen year drug dealer, alluding to the fact that he is no role model, and she is no role model for marrying him. Regardless of your opinions on the situation, I do enjoy the humorous spin he managed to put on the situation. He seems to be taking everything in stride, and his music these days definitely shows us that HOV’s crown isn’t falling to the floor anytime soon.

All in all, definitely a single worth listening to. Is it enough to sell someone who doesn’t have a TIDAL subscription on getting one? No, no it is not. However, it’s a great step in the right direction. Things like this validate my purchase and make me feel great as a consumer. If you have some time, I’d recommend giving the song a listen or two. All I know is, I can’t wait for both King Push, and the projects HOV will be dropping next.

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