Show Time: Fargo (Review)

So, you’re sitting in what we call a show hole. No, no, get your mind out of the gutter. A show hole is that time in between TV shows that you’ve spent all day binge watching. You just finished FRIENDS, House, or one of the other hundred or so shows that are really worth consuming in just one sitting. You’re looking for something new. You’re looking for something edgy. Even beyond that, you’re just looking to keep your mind occupied before you go and punch into work the following day. Well, the good news is, we’ve found you some nice items to sit down, and really enjoy. This week, we’re going to be telling you all about Fargo.


So, if you’ve never heard of Fargo, the original Fargo is a movie directed by the legendary Cohen brothers. Joel and Ethan Cohen earned industry fame for their dark humor, intricate stories, and wonderful cinematography. Without spoiling any of the plot of that movie, or any of the plot of this series, I’ll tell you first hand, the Cohen brothers take a backseat in this series. The two executive produce them though, which is excellent because you can tell that the show is still dripping with the ambiance that the Cohen brothers have managed to cultivate all these years. Trust us, the pedigree of the series speaks for itself, FX did a great job picking this up.

Without getting too deep into the plot, as even getting into a mild synopsis might give up a lot of the interesting parts…imagine an extremely polite version of True Detective. The fantastic part about this show is that each season is a different story. If you jump into the upcoming season three, or even watch the most recent season two, you won’t feel like you’ve missed out on anything other than a few nods to the different seasons. All star casts permeate both of the existing seasons, starring such talents as Nick Offerman, Ted Danson, Martin Freeman, Kirsten Dunst, and Billy Bob Thornton. Key and Peele even make an appearance, stepping widely outside the comedy roots they’re so known for. Each performance lends to the expertly written crime dramas that unfold, typically being told from multiple sides. So many characters end up being more than memorable, and you can always find a particular moment that catches you off guard.


However, one disclaimer that should be mentioned…this one is not for the kids. The polite and powerful storytelling compliments the dark and gruesome, and sometimes extremely realistic murder that is portrayed in the show. Make sure the little ones are out of the room, or they may accidentally end up seeing a throat get cut or a head get smashed in, seriously parents, watch at your own discretion. We also need to note that if you have an aversion to heavy violence, you’ll probably want to stick clear of this one. While definitely not gratuitous, the moments of ultra violence come fast and furious. One second you’ll be hearing a nice howdy-do, followed by a gunshot and a brain splattered against a window.

All in all, beautiful, dark, and truly edge of your seat material; Fargo is a show not only to keep your eye on, but to sit down and truly enjoy for all it’s worth. The second season has managed to be just as good as the first, and it seems that the third season is going to be as big of a treat as the last two. Honestly, I can’t recommend this enough. In short 10 episode bursts, you can enjoy the seasons over a few days, or, if you REALLY have nothing to do, you can pop in for an afternoon, and get wrapped up in these murder mysteries.

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  1. Bonsai says:

    Loved this show!!

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