Comic Corner: Old Man Logan (Review)

Avid comic book fans, have we got a great one for you this week. So, after seven strong issues, I can definitely say that the Old Man Logan series is one to pick up. I do want to caution, there will be minor spoilers within this article, so if you’re not interested in learning a single thing, I’d suggest you pick up some issues and delve in a bit before you continue on. To clarify, we’ll only be talking about the outlined plot, as well as a bit of the lead up from the fantastic “The Death of Wolverine” series. So, if you haven’t read either, and don’t want to learn any more, please, take some time and read them, then come back to us.

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To delve right in, the death of Wolverine left a hole in a lot of comic book fans, such as myself. Wolverine was definitely one of my favorite heroes, and whenever he popped up in a story line, I always felt that he was an excellent addition. During the original Civil War, he stayed out of the main events, and then he threw his hat into Luke Cage’s ring, joining the New Avengers. Of course, he was a staple of the X-Men, as well as having his own strong story lines throughout the years. When he died for good, it was a shock wave through the Marvel Universe. However, as all great heroes often find themselves resurrected, Wolverine got the same treatment…kind of.

Old Man Logan finds an older Wolverine from a different universe. In his universe, the heroes are dead. Bruce Banner, Mysterio, Red Skull, Black Butcher, and quite a few others were responsible for the villain uprising that cost the majority of heroes their lives. Those that didn’t die found themselves either retired, or living a life of quiet peace, as Logan had. Logan is visibly older, in his 50’s to 60’s at this point. Long since abandoning the mantle of Wolverine, he’s a beaten and broken man. However, this beaten and broken man still has his claws, he still has his nerve, and he’s still the best at what he does.


A time paradox sends Logan not only to the past, but to an alternate past. In this alternate past he’s resolved himself to kill each and every one of the villains responsible for ruining the world as it was. Old Man Logan becomes a one man army, slicing and dicing his way through anyone that stands in his way. This isn’t a tale for the kids out there. It’s as gory as you can imagine, with Logan at his most bestial state. He sees his prey, he hunts his prey. Anyone standing in his way then becomes the prey. Make no mistake, he’s not here to take prisoners.

To move to the artwork, it’s beautifully drawn. Embracing its inner comic book, and embracing its roots, showing Logan off to be the best at what he does. There’s plenty of gore throughout the series, however it’s balanced out by moments of definite awe, and even some extremely touching events. Remember, this is a different Logan, an older version more seasoned towards the realities of an apocalypse.

Currently the series is up to issue seven out of its eight issue run. Finding a copy may be a tricky right now, as most second prints have already gone up. If you were looking for a first edition, you may end up forking out some serious cash. If you’re not a collector, and you’re just looking for a nice afternoon read, I thoroughly recommend Old Man Logan. The grit, the grime, and the overall stylistic, and beautiful artwork truly draws you in, as our fallen hero rises from the ashes. This week’s Comic Corner is sure to keep you satisfied.

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