Have You Played: SMITE ? (Recommend)

So, maybe you’re short on cash, or maybe you’re just someone who has an overt sense of boredom throughout your day. Well, I have one question for you…have you played SMITE? SMITE is a third person, action MOBA. This means that SMITE is a champion based, multi-mode game. The publisher is Hi-Rez studios, and SMITE is one of a few games they have created, and are still fostering. You can play area matches, you can play objective based matches, and you can choose from about 78 gods, from several different pantheons that include Japanese, Greek, Roman, Mayan, and more. Honestly, I can’t rave enough about the addictive fun of this game, although there are a few points I can bring into question.

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To start with the positive, SMITE itself is extremely addicting. If you don’t like the objective based games, or don’t have any friends to play with, Arena mode is a great option. It’s still team based, but you’re pitted against each other for the purpose of seeing who can kill the most minions, and take down the most gods. Each team member can only pick one unique god, but on top of this, you can also use various skins that come with each god, some bought, some earned. This helps the game to truly feel a bit more customized, as well as much more personal, thus keeping you invested.

Speaking of investments, I should mention that there are a few different buy in options. At its base, the game is a free to play MOBA, as is often the standard with the competitors. With a $30 Founder’s Pack buy in, I find the price to be pretty pleasing to unlock every god that is released, and every god that will ever be released. Considering how much value Hi-Rez is proposing to give, that’s a pretty solid buy in. The other nice caveat is that you can get the game on just about any system you’d like. If you’re looking for PS4, if you’re looking for Xbox One, or if you’re looking for PC, you’re covered. I will say that there are some pretty minor differences in graphics between the consoles and the PC, but that’s to be expected, due to hardware limitations.

To touch on a bit of the negative though, they seem to not have mastered the art of universal patching, as console players often have to wait an extra two to three weeks before they receive any major updates, of the same accord, this means that balancing issues stick around much longer than the PC counterparts, and content may end up feeling a bit stale while you wait for new flair, new events, and more from the the developers. Gems are also a bit overpriced. Hi-Rez really hasn’t offered too many attractive pricing options, with the cheapest being 400 gems for $7.99, and 400 gems only gets you about one skin. Eight bucks for a skin? It’s a bit steep if you ask me.


Ultimately, there should be something for everyone, with tons and tons of unique skins that can be earned from random chests that you do have to use gems to get into, but there are also quite a few options to get into if you’re just looking for a few fun alternates that don’t require too many gem sets or waiting for the chest that contains your skin. These compliment the sense of connection you can have with the gods, as they feel uniquely yours. Personally, playing my Ra’Merica gives me a giggle every time I slay another god with him, truly addictive game play.

The third person action is also captivating, and lends to the variety of game modes that are available throughout the game. You have options such as the traditional conquest, which is a 5v5 lane and tower defense, akin to League of Legends. You have team death match options, such as Arena, that are excellent for trying out new gods. You also have fantastic options in Joust, Siege, Assault, and the Game of the Day as well. Earning favor (the free option for unlocking skins/gods/etc.) is a bit of a grind, but no more so than other games of the genre.

So, ask yourself the question, have I played SMITE? Have I thought about it? Have I been looking for something interesting to delve into? Well, we heartily recommend this game, don’t miss out on the fun, as they’re constantly updating with events, new gods, and new skins to keep you enthralled in the fun.

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