Comic Corner: Civil War II (Review)

Marvel fans, rejoice! The second Civil War of the Marvel Universe has arrived. So far, three issues have been released (four if you’re counting the Free Comic Book Day issue) to many fans rejoicing. The story line starts when the Inhuman creating terrigen cloud rolls back over the Earth. Every few years, this cloud rolls through and creates a new Inhuman, which Medusa and her group quickly snatch up to ensure that he has proper training, and becomes a force for good. This time, we follow a teenager named Ulysses. Ulysses is given the power of future sight through this cloud, and boy does he see a bleak future for our Marvel universe.

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After first using him to stop an invasion of cataclysmic proportions before it could even occur, the Inhumans tip their hand and let the rest of the heroes in on their secret. They reveal Ulysses to both the Avengers and the reformed Ultimates. Shocking and evoking skepticism, Ulysses is initially met with mixed opinions. Carol Danvers, also known as Captain Marvel, had been looking for a way to stop disasters before they happen. How many times had the entire universe come to the brink of sure destruction? Too many for her taste. This leads her down the road of thought that places Ulysses on the front lines of disaster prevention. Tony Stark has different plans. Believing that Ulysses only sees a possible future rather than a certainty, he expresses distrust in the boy’s ability.

Ulysses’s new power sets off a chain of events that will shake the Marvel Universe to its very core. This is a far cry from the popular skirmish between Iron Man and Captain America. The lines are much more blurred. Bringing in both personal feelings, as well as extremely high emotional tension and a huge tragedy after the first issue, the Marvel Universe is roaring back into a hero versus hero conflict. What makes this series so gripping this early is the fact that both sides make a very compelling argument. The idea that a future can be changed and altered, as opposed to never being able to change a future because it is only one possible outcome, is something that is widely debated to this day.


Captain Marvel’s point is valid, if we have the power to change a disastrous future, why not take every step to change it? Iron Man also has a point, if it’s only one possible outcome, why live in a state of terror over what may not even come to fruition? Written and headlined by Marvel veteran Brian Michael Bendis, the story is gripping and entertaining. The artwork is absolutely beautiful. The cast of characters involved in this one are widely different than in the first. With the events of recent story lines such as Battle World, Old Man Logan, Sam Wilson’s Captain America, and more, we see a veritable pallet. From Spider Man to Deadpool, to the X-Men and Inhumans…this war is sure to be a brutal one. Participating in this as well are newcomers, right out of the destruction of the Ultimate Universe such as Miles Morales’s Spider Man.

In this seven book run, you can expect to see tons of action, drama, and even more heroes perishing as once again the Marvel Universe is thrown into chaos by another Civil War. You can pick up issues zero, one, and two currently. If your local comic book store still has some copies, you may even be able to grab the free comic book day tie in that highlights the battle which sets everything off. Don’t miss your chance to get in on the ground floor of what’s sure to be an extremely compelling series. The only question we have now…which side are you on?

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