Comic Corner: DC Universe Rebirth (Review)

It’s safe to say that DC has had a turbulent few months. With the well deserved mixed reviews following the fairly poorly received Batman v. Superman film, you’d have to wonder whether the comics can bring the steam anymore. Muddled story lines, as well as an over-bloated lineup caused DC to try a re numbering and full relaunch of many popular series. The DC Universe rebirth has hit shelves, and based on this first comic, we’ll let you know whether this is one worth, as well as the individual stories withing, are worth checking out. There are going to be mild spoilers ahead, so if you’d like to stay free and clear, we’d suggest you read the comic before continuing on.

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To start, the DC Universe rebirth starts off with a bang. Choosing to follow Wally West as he’s still the kid flash, we see him flying through the speed force. He’s attempting to find some way, any way, to get back to his tangible body, which requires someone to recognize him, and know who he is to make him anything other than a memory. How did he end up in this state, you ask? Well, that’s something we’re going to be finding out as the series goes on. The art is eye popping. Definitely a much sharper, visually pleasing aesthetic that I quite enjoy. As opposed to many other comics out there, DC has a much more standard style of art, drawing heroes in a typically more cartoonish fashion.

I feel refreshed by the story line, especially the big reveal at the end. The whole idea behind the rebirth is that there is a force beyond comprehension that is messing with time itself. Individual building blocks of what have made each hero/villain/sidekick their own person throughout time is being clipped, piece by piece. For those who are deep into the story of who is causing the disruptions, the constant visuals of watch pieces will tip you off as to who or what the mysterious force could be. I will say that, as cool as the ending was, it’s a bit on the nose. Batman finding the ultimate clue that would tip them off was a nice touch, as he really is the only one who can get to the bottom of this.

With the rebirth of the DC Universe, we’re also going to be seeing alternate stories for quite a few of our typical cast. With heroes such as Superman, Batman, Green Arrow, The Flash, and more getting reboots with the rebirth of the DCU, you’ll have to collect all the tie-in series to see how each individual stories unfold. While some are definitely better than others (I’m looking at you Superman, with your boring first issue!) some are definitely worth a grab. I found Batman’s new story line to be particularly interesting, dealing with forces in Gotham that have never existed in an alternate universe.

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Still, one can’t help but feel that this is in direct competition to Marvel’s recent Battleworld line, in which they condensed both the Ultimate universe, and the regular Marvel universe together. While the DCU’s rebirth feels much needed, and hopes to bring re-invigoration into many struggling series, I’ll say that this one is worth keeping your eye on. You can skip most of the individual stories, unless you’re a collector, in which case you’ll want to grab all the #1’s you can. I would definitely keep an eye on the main DCU rebirth story line, as well as Batman’s story line. I’m extremely intrigued to see how they’ll manage to incorporate the new…guests into the mainstream DC Universe.

To sum up, I’d recommend that collectors get your hands on most of the #1 issues, however you can skip the side series. Keep an eye on the main DCU rebirth line, as that’s sure to get interesting. Also, the Watchmen are getting a new compilation book that is going to tie in with the current renumbering of the series, so if you’re looking for a read, I’d grab that as well.

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