Singled Out: Wrist (Revew)


Today, we’re singling out the latest record by hip-hop’s most underrated MC, Logic. Logic debuted several years ago, and had a pretty difficult time getting out of the underground/cult scene. His last two albums have met extreme critical success, and due to this his fan base has taken an extreme spike. Due to his extreme lyrical prowess, beyond average rhyme style, and throwback flows that reminisce in the days of the strongest bars from dawn of hip hop…we’ve come to expect a certain caliber of music from Logic. In this newly released single, it seems that he’s opted to dumb down his music, and the results definitely show.


When I first got a look at the release of this single, I was thrilled. Two of my favorite MCs together on one song? Sign me up. Pusha T jumping on a Logic track? Man, that’s something I can always get down with. As I booted up the track, immediately I was gripped with pounding production, something that reminded me of a club banger. This is a surprise coming from Logic, because even his most simple and samey songs have never come off as repetitive as this track. Continuously waiting for a breakout flow from the young God himself, I was sorely disappointed.

A repetitive chorus comprising itself of “Look at the flick of that writs” I get what Logic is going for. It seems to me that he wants to do something that suits Pusha’s taste. With his normal projects, I can’t quite see the two of them collaborating on one of Logic’s normal projects, as his flow and his beats aren’t typically something we’d see Pusha T jumping on. This one is just too generic for me too ignore, however. In fact, the bars we get out of Logic at the minute mark of this song are almost unintelligible, it’s as if he wanted to get through them as fast as he could so that he could just get back to that same, boring chorus.

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What does save the track is the amazing effort Pusha T makes. While there aren’t any stand out quotables, he definitely delivers the brand of lyricism we’ve come to expect from him. I’m excited to see that at least he was able to deliver his half of this track in a way that appeased the voracious appetite I had for this collaboration. When Logic came back in, my middling opinion also returned, and I found myself just waiting for the track to conclude. It’s safe to say that I’m thoroughly disappointed with how this collaboration turned out. I understand that Logic wanted to create a fictional character for his next album, a larger than life representation of hood culture that breaks out through his music…but this is NOT the sound that I was hoping for.

To sum up, this is a heart breaker folks. It reminds me of the Lakers a few years ago. They had all the pieces of an amazing team. We had our Dwight Howard, Kobe Bryant, Steve Nash, and the hearts and hopes in our eyes that there would be something great and brilliant to come out of it. Unfortunately, two of my favorite artists have managed to create a project that would be considered average for even the most wet behind the ears rapper. From these two however, I’m even more disappointed, as this was a rainbow that should’ve taken us to a pot of gold. If you haven’t listened already, skip this one folks. This isn’t for fans of Logic, and this isn’t for fans of the hip hop greatness we’ve come to expect from him.

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