Show Time: Game of Thrones (Recommend)

One would be hard pressed not to recommend Game of Thrones after the explosive conclusion to its sixth season. With long form storytelling, the idea is often that you have an extremely slow start, build importance and reverence with certain events, and over long periods of airing episodes, you’ll finally get a pay off. GoT has mastered this in its entirety, and after the sixth season’s conclusion finally giving audiences everything they’ve been looking for, we’re here to tell the folks who haven’t picked up the series exactly why they should. Don’t worry, we’re going to be staying spoiler free, so you don’t have to worry about having any major plot lines spoiled here.


The things that GoT does so well have taken years to perfect. The first season is easily the slowest, as so many characters, plot lines, and ideas have to be established. What makes the show great, amazing, and spectacular doesn’t come until later. You don’t see grand wars, amazingly shot battles, and an ever evolving world until you watch the entire series all the way through. In the end, what’s crafted is a beautiful world filled with more stories than you can count. Main plots, sub plots, and even some smaller plots are woven and explored with so much love and detail that by their conclusions, you’re left with your eyes wide open, filled with awe.

Each season adds its own special seasoning to this delicious six course mean. Some are spicy, some are sweet, and some can leave you very, very salt filled. GoT can never be accused of carelessness, however. Every puzzle piece that is introduced finds its place by the end of each season. If it hasn’t made its way into the jigsaw by the conclusion of that season, you had better believe that it’ll find a place in the next. GoT shows a lot of love for its fans by never leaving ridiculous cliffhangers in the air. You’re genuinely concerned for characters as the main cast often die in droves. The best part about this kind of storytelling is that it breeds genuine tension. The fact that any character can die is a beautiful thing, as big battles and small moments filled with fear of losing someone you care about mean all the more.

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Boasting some of the most beautifully shot battles, scenes, and imagery in modern television today, you can’t help but remarking on the fantastic cinematography. Scenes will make you jump with joy, cringe with claustrophobia, or pump your heart with anxiety. Thrones is a true masterpiece in every sense of the word, and you can tell just how much love was put into the creation. The cast themselves seem to mesh perfectly as well. Whether we’re looking at Kit Harrington’s performance as Jon Snow, or enjoying the ever dominating Emilia Clark and Daenaerys Stormborn, all actors seem to be having fun, and loving every moment of being on screen.

In short, Game of Thrones is a must see. For fans of the medieval genre, it’s the ultimate experience. For those who haven’t always been into dragons and swords and stories of heroism, you’ll be roped in with just how well done this show is. Beyond its extremely slow first season, everything begins ramping up, and the consequences of every decision are laid decisively on the table. With the sixth season arguably being one of the strongest, you’ll delight in knowing that no two part season finales exist here. No milking of the fans take place. The directors and actors and creators that make this show so brilliant all turn like one large machine churning out perfect production. This is a must see for all comers.

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