Game Grade: The Division (Review)

The Division was supposed to be a revolutionary experience. It was marketed as something that would change the face of gaming forever. For those who don’t know, Tom Clancy’s The Division is a third person MMO that takes you inside the world of a sleeper cell agent, part of a shadowy group called The Division. The Division was underwhelming at release. It began with a whimper, and it hasn’t become anything else The recently released patches and updates have done nothing to help the game, in fact it seems they’ve broken it even further. Today, we’re taking you inside all the reasons you SHOULD NOT buy The Division.

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To start, The Division’s campaign does nothing to serve the Tom Clancy license. When you hear the name Tom Clancy, you think of some of the most realistic simulations of tactical experiences. However, The Division has none of these elements. With enemies that take eight billion bullets to bring down, and technology that ranges from underwhelming to just plain ridiculous (i.e. BB-8 style rolling robot mines) your arsenal is interesting, but ultimately barely functional. The craziest part about it is that while your enemies bullet sponge the day away, you only take about four or five shots to bring down…at least that’s how it feels.

Accumulation of new gear is tedious, forcing you to do the same instances over and over again to roll a chance at something that isn’t completely horrible. Story goes out the window after you reach level thirty. There aren’t too many more options to explore the “Dollar Flu” and its causes. Realistically though, the Dollar Flu was a concept that’s back seated throughout the plot. The game would rather you play shooting gallery throughout the course of the leveling rather than have genuine intrigue filter in as you explore the ruined city of New York.

To talk about the graphics, the game is beautiful. It definitely looks like a “Next-Gen” title, and I can certainly say that the graphics are one of the few things that are definitely not a problem within this game. I could look at the city for hours, and I wish there were more areas to explore that weren’t closed off within this all to linear feeling city. The characters are bland and forgettable, and off the top of my head I cannot name a single character that is introduced in the forty or so hours it takes to grind out to level thirty.


End game content barely exists. The Dark Zone is probably one of the worst creations I’ve ever seen in a modern game. The idea that players can essentially screw each other over and are rewarded for it, especially in big groups, makes the idea of traveling solo or in smaller groups through this zone nearly impossible or unappealing. They punish you for PVP yet reward you if you can beat up on the smaller guys successfully and escape judgment. An odd system to say the least, rewarding the imbalance they’ve created. The sad part is that you need the Dark Zone to get the higher level gear that gets you into instances, If you don’t want to subject yourself to the monotony.

All in all, The Division is an under cooked, bland mess. Ubisoft has shown once again that they are utterly clueless when it comes to what the fans want. They’ve proven that they have one of the best marketing teams out there, and they can trick just about anyone into believing the tales they weave, and go very far to keep the trick going. The unfortunate thing about a trick is eventually someone gets wise. When you load up the game, and get past the ultimately cardboard exterior and see how hollow it is within, you will be thoroughly disappointed. Tom Clancy’s The Division gets a D in its current state.

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