Show Time: House (Recommend)

House is a legendary show. It’s easily got one of the best casts, the best story lines, and one of the most polarizing conclusions. In today’s Show Time, we’re going to be taking a look at the television show that captivated a nation, and was beloved by many as the dream medical drama. Each week, House took on the most surprising, intriguing, and beguiling cases that came his way. Even though he was a miser House was uniquely charming. The intrigue of his brilliance, his thinking process, and the way he solved cases was nearly beyond comprehension. Although the character himself was a master at destroying all that surrounded him, we all tuned in to watch the world burn.

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If you haven’t seen House, played by Hugh Laurie, you need to pick this show up immediately. From the first episode, its evident why House was something special. To give you a summary of the plot, Gregory House is a brilliant doctor. The show is actually a camouflaged Sherlock Holmes, right down to House’s apartment number. This favors the more damaged, mentally unstable version of Holmes, however. House himself is a drug addict, and after a surgery gone wrong, he has to walk with a cane. This cane become its signature, as it shows the physical damage to the character, mirroring the mental crippling that he’s endured over his life.

Throughout the show, we watch House attempt to find love…attempt to get clean…attempt to bring himself together. What makes both the show and the character so compelling is the fact that he’s only ever able to find his clarity when he’s solving a case. Really, after a few seasons we realize that House becomes more of an anti hero than anything else. At a certain point, it gets harder and harder to watch House spin into this cycle of continuous self ruin. Brilliantly directed, well acted, and well shot, the show is a masterpiece, if only the ending was as masterful.

It’s hard to end a show like House because there’s really no clear cut way to establish a finale for a character like him. What I will say, without revealing anything or giving any spoilers, is that the ending itself is definitely sub par. It ties up all loose ends, but how successfully it does this is left up to the viewer. While mostly disappointed, it seems that the fans had wished for something a bit more grandiose to come out of the whole series, as the character himself is larger than life. It’s also fitting to mention that the show has some of the most realistic depictions of medical procedures that you can possibly find, which helps immerse you in the world.

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Supporting characters like Wilson, Cuddy, Chase, Taub and more all add to the show. Each one brings their own flavor to the table, and it’s always nice to have them along. Sure you have fan favorites, but no character ever bothers you outwardly, and you genuinely find yourself rooting for House’s team as a whole. The show is currently available for easy streaming consumption via Netflix, up to its conclusion. Great news for those looking to pick up the show.

If you haven’t seen House, and have been looking for something fantastic to fill your evenings, pick it up as soon as you can. It’s definitely not for kids, so make sure the little ones are all tucked away in bed before turning this one on. A brilliantly shot show that combines excellent acting with an even better screenplay, this is one that will go down in history. If you can get past the less than stellar ending, you’ll definitely enjoy yourself as you fall down House’s rabbit hole.

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