Have You Played: The Binding Of Isaac: Afterbirth? (Recommend)

If you’re not a fan of eight bit games from days gone by, this era probably hasn’t been too kind to you. With retro inspired games becoming more and more prevalent, as each day seems to bring more nostalgia for the days of much simpler gaming, The Binding Of Isaac: Afterbirth, is one of the best modern day experiences for those who are looking for something simpler to waste the time away. Isaac is available on a variety of platforms, but it’s most prevalent on the PC. We’re going to be delving deeper into Isaac today, and letting you know why you need to pick this one up!

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First off, Isaac is offered at a fantastic price point. Often on sale via Steam, and even then pretty cheap, it offers hundreds of hours of value. If you really want to delve deeper into this titular title, then you’ll easily find yourself engrossed in a fantastic world that can often be…a little gross. This probably isn’t one for younger kids, despite its often humorous tone. You’ll find a lot of plays on body humor, poop jokes, and gross out humor scattered throughout the game. A 2D dungeon crawler, Isaac is very difficult, until you get the hang of it. The base idea is that you move from room to room defeating enemies, picking up items along the way that make you more powerful. The amount of permutations and combinations that can end up being created by this wondrous system is phenomenal, each run is unique as its all left up to chance.

Again, this game is extremely difficult. With enough play, you can definitely get into a groove, but don’t expect to hit the ground winning every single run. Even the most experienced player gets slammed once or twice. The game was popularized by Youtubers such as CobaltStreak and NorthernLion who helped to grow the fan base of the game from it’s original incarnation, The Binding Of Isaac. However, Nicolas (the company who develops the game) provides regular updates and maintenance, Afterbirth is definitely the Ultimate Isaac experience to date. Boasting hundreds of items and combinations, you’ll definitely be able to stay engrossed in the experience.


The game also has a large list of characters to play from. Each character provides its own challenge, and their own fun. While some such as The Lost and The Keeper are deliberately difficult, beating them will undoubtedly evoke a sense of accomplishment, as these endeavors are very difficult. The game has endless replay value, as there’s no story (not a blatantly told one, anyway) but repeated runs through the randomly simulated dungeon. As you go, you’ll unlock new floors, new enemies, new characters, and new items. Everyone has their preference, but if you play

So, for all of you eight bit fans, this is for you. For you dungeon crawler folks, this is for you! Isaac is available right now on PC and PS Vita (if you still own one) although the Afterbirth expansion is only available for PC. It’s definitely a wonderful, nostalgic throwback which incorporates very adult humor to create a fantastic game. It’s a must own for those who love rogue likes, challenging experiences, and unique games. Isaac has a built a community within itself, and it’s easy to see why. Don’t mistake its simple looks for something simple, its a complex game with tons to offer, pick up a copy today.

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