Show Time: The Wire (Recommend)

The Wire is one of the greatest dramas that has ever aired. If you’ve never seen the show, The Wire is a cop drama, with a twist. You’re not just following our cavalcade of cops as they run down bad guys, high five, and throw them in a paddy wagon. You’re in B-More. A.K.A Baltimore, B-More is  a gang infested city that has the murder rate of a medieval town. Out here, the cops are trying to crack down on gangs in just about any way they can. Not only do we follow their journey, we’re following the bad guys too. Avon Barksdale, Stringer Bell…these are legendary names that ring true years after the show has been off air. In today’s show time, we’re doing a ride along with Baltimore’s finest, and letting you know why you need The Wire in your life.

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Bunk, McNulty, Lester…the names of these cops stick in my head. You see, the thing about The Wire…it’s not a happy go lucky story. This is a drama at its finest. These characters aren’t looking for a happy ending. They’re not sitting around reading fairy tales about what it means to be good “Po-lease” as they say. These are human cops who make mistakes. They’re chasing criminals who are charged with being a criminal from the time they’re old enough to hold a gun. You’re not seeing a romanticized version of crime. You’re seeing the worst kinds. The show tackles racism, black on black crime, gang culture, police entrapment, and so many other things.

What makes this police epic so worth watching is how well all the pieces of the puzzle fit together. Each season is a continuous narrative that all gets set up when Detective Jimmy McNulty, a drunk cop with a complex, spits out the name Avon Barksdale. Nobody had ever heard of Avon’s name, mostly because he had controlled the streets, ran the gangs, and nobody who challenged him got away alive. Through him, we’re introduced to Stringer Bell, played wonderfully by Idris Elba, and legendary stick up man Omar Little. Now, to those that have never seen the show, these are just names. To those who have had the pleasure of seeing The Wire, they’re legend.

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If you’re looking to get into this amazing drama, you’ll only be available to see it through HBO Now. However, once you’re in, you’ll be hooked. This isn’t a whodunnit. You know who did it. You know the criminals who are committing the crimes. Some of them are so good…so slick, you’ll almost want them to get away. In the end, you’ll learn that the good guys don’t always win. Sometimes, a half victory is better than walking away empty handed, and the good kids don’t always make it out alive. This show will have you laughing, crying, and slapping your forehead as you watch a group of humans try to do their job, and save lives in the process.

The Wire is brilliant. If you’ve never seen it, you need to…like now. You’ll find yourself going, “Hey, I know that guy!”, as so many prominent actors found their start on this brilliant drama. Beautifully acted, amazingly directed and shot, the show is phenomenal. It’s everything that cop dramas want to be, but don’t have the balls to be. It finds the middle ground between action thriller, and police drama. There’s plenty of intrigue, memorable characters, shocking moments, and thrilling action to keep you on the edge of your seat. The Wire is a classic, don’t miss out on this fantastic experience.

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