Comic Corner: Kick Ass 2 (Review)

In our continuing coverage of the Kick Ass franchise, we’re going to be delving into Kick Ass 2. I do want to caution that there will be minor spoilers ahead, as well as some that may possibly spoil the movie. We’re not going to be revealing any major plot points or events, but consider yourself warned. With that out of the way, Kick Ass 2 is a wonderful follow up to its predecessor. Cranking up the gore, profanity, and craziness to eleven…well, you’ve got Kick Ass 2. This one is definitely not for the faint of heart or easily offended, but beneath it all there is definitely a story worth telling, and one that I quite enjoy.

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Following Dave Lizweski further in his coming of age superhero journey, we’re treated to the answer to yet another question. What happens if the real life superheroes team up, and form a super league? Well, in finding out the answer to this, we get to meet Colonel Stars and Stripes, an ex mafia hit man who found Go. The Colonel just wants to do the right thing. Being inspired by Kick Ass, he was able to finally take the leap with his brother, and form the superhero team. Unfortunately for him, its through his tragedy that we’re introduced to the Motherfucker. That’s right folks, Red Mist has returned, but he’s not playing games anymore. After traveling the country “tripping balls” and trying to figure out what to do after the aftermath of the first Kick Ass, he’s looking for blood.

What makes this comic so great is that it dabbles in the taboo. Touching on rape, violent atrocities, and things like child murder, we see an extremely realistic representation of what someone with a lot of money and a grudge can do to destroy a city. It’s up to Kick Ass and his crew of heroes to stop The Motherfucker, and bring him to justice. Along the way, we see Dave undergo a metamorphosis. Personal tragedy abounds, and we get even closer to the bond between Dave and Hit Girl. It’s in moments like these when you see the big brother/little sister bond form between them, and you smile knowing that Hit Girl isn’t just villain murderer extraordinaire.

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While occasionally going a bit over the top for shock value, we definitely get a wider view of the New York Dave set out to save. This isn’t a story about a dumb kid who put on a scuba suit and tried to stop some graffiti. This is about a boy who is willing to sacrifice his life, his family, and his future for the purpose of just doing the right thing. Dave is a lovable protagonist with a heart of gold, and it’s hard not to find yourself smiling as he lives out the comic book fantasies of his childhood. Oh, and be warned, there are definitely some tear jerking moments in this one folks.

Leaving the stage set for the third Kick Ass, we get an excellent tale of the further exploits of average Joes who decide that they’re going to don a suit and do good in the world. If you loved the original Kick Ass, Kick Ass 2 is a must read follow up that will definitely do the series justice. Don’t miss this one folks, you can pick it up in the collected paperback, or try to track down the individual issues.

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  1. Green Onion says:

    This book was the highlight of the series for me. I loved the end street battle, the movie did not do this book justice

    1. The movie was pretty good, but they had to dull down a lot of the more gruesome imagery and themes to conduct themselves alongside the MPAA. Still, comics are better.

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