Have You Played: Grand Theft Auto V? (Recommend)

Grand Theft Auto V is a classic. Pushing the limits on graphics, open world content, gun play, and so much more…there are so many reasons why gamers should play this. At this point, I’m honestly shocked to hear that anyone hadn’t played it at this point. In today’s Have You Played, we’re going to be taking a look at the game quite a while after its release, as the online portion is still being updated, and the game is ever evolving. If you haven’t found yourself the time to play the game, there will be mild spoilers ahead, so proceed with caution.

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To start, Grand Theft Auto has a phenomenal story. Voice actors put their best foot forward as they bring this gritty crime drama to life through the streets of Los Santos. Michael, Trevor, and Franklin are each played respectfully. Although Trevor steals the show, it’s pretty easy to see why people enjoy Michael and Franklin as well. The off kilter killer, Trevor, is wild and unpredictable. Every time he’s on screen you can visibly see the other characters fearing for their life. Brilliant voice acting and excellent graphics help bring the boogeyman to life as he finds his part in the story. Retired criminal Michael attempts to rid his life of the crimes he had committed, and become a family man. Franklin is just a young crook trying to make his way out of the ghetto, and do something great for himself.

Technical achievements abound throughout the world of Grand Theft Auto V. Extreme attention to detail, and brilliant sound design help immerse you in Rockstar’s version of Los Angeles. The juggernaut developer has big things expected from them constantly. The expectations were raised even higher with the inclusion of Grand Theft Auto Online. GTA Online broadened the story and aspects of GTA by taking your own personal story of crime through the streets. You’ll interact with main characters, do races, pull of heists, and become a crime overlord. While the introduction of paid for cash is a bit ridiculous, and pricey, there is a nice balance in play.

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Hackers do abound however, and often the game can devolve into a murder fest. GTA Online has one of the most toxic communities available, and if you’re looking for some clean fun, this is definitely not the place for it. Rockstar has made good on their promise to continually update the online portion of the game. Although certain aspects took far too long, with the inclusion of heists and a lot more customization options, this is a better time than ever to jump your character onto the streets of Los Santos.

If you haven’t played GTA V, you need to. You need to experience the story, the atmosphere, and the ambiance of a world in which being your own boss means everything. Not until The Witcher 3 had I seen a game of such scope and promise. Never before GTA V had I thought an open world crime simulator would be possible, but Rockstar pulls it off in style. GTA V is an easy recommendation from us.

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