Show Time: The Sopranos (Recommend)

Man, I have to say that this was one viewing that I really wish didn’t have to end. After watching The Sopranos all the way through, I realized exactly why this was so critically hailed during its run time. It’s like every Martin Scorcese movie that had been condensed into two hours was suddenly expanded over a six season show. Throughout the entire series, we get a consistent funneling of intricate plot lines, phenomenal acting, and all of the mob action that you could possibly handle. Although the ending is a bit of a dud (don’t worry, we won’t spoil it) the show itself is definitely worth watching.

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The plot is pretty simple. We’re taken through the daily workings of Tony Soprano and his crew. Soprano is the don of New Jersey, and under the table, he’s the boss of the whole operation. The thing that makes Tony such a complex character is that he’s a good man who happens to commit nothing but atrocities. He’s not a heartless gangster like the folks that surround him. He’s a man who was raised up to love his family, be honorable, and above all respect the code. We see an interesting balance between the old generation’s mafia mentality and the newer generation of the mob that faces off against (at that time) the most modern technology, and the RICO act.

With so many small plot lines weaving what is an extremely intricate blanket of a show, it’s impressive that none of them get lost. Throughout the six season run of the show, we see that directors and producers manage to tell complete side stories as well as complex main themes. All with an overarching sense of hierarchical danger looming. Every conversation feels like someone may get whacked. The tension builds. You find yourself holding your breath wondering if Tony is about to explode, or wondering if he’s going to add another life to his belt.

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Tony’s therapist helps to make him a balanced character. Without the sessions of therapy that Tony sits through, we wouldn’t get as much of an insight into his mind. It’s through these sessions that we see the more endearing parts of Tony that make him so likable. Well, he’s likable until he orders a bullet put through someone’s head. Oh, and the score of this show, wow! The music was so well done, honestly it helps to keep you captivated the whole way through.

If you haven’t already seen The Sopranos, take my songs of praise from the heavens as a through recommendation. If you’re a fan of Martin Scorcese, or gangster movies in general…this show is for you. Even if you’re not, you’ll find yourself captivated by the tales of intrigue and danger that lurk around every corner. The Sopranos is definitely a show that deserves to live in legacy.

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  1. Best show ever made.

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