Comic Corner: Kick Ass 3 (Review)

Well, we’re finally here folks. Today, we’re talking about Kick Ass 3. This is the finale to the cult hit, Kick Ass. Kick Ass 3 sees our hero facing the aftermath of The Motherfucker’s rampage. In a world in which superheroes and super villains are now legendary, for all the wrong reasons, we’re finding Dave again in his continuing quest to be Kick Ass. I think this entry may be my favorite, as it really shows the most development in Dave’s character. It delivers a reasonable conclusion without playing too heavily on the dramatic aspects or the cliched ideas that too many stories seem to fall on towards the end of their run.

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The thing that strikes me about the entire Kick Ass series is how much I like the art. Whenever Mark Millar is involved, we usually get a solid animation style accompanied with his team (namely, JRJ). I remember the first time I really got involved with his work, and that was during World War Hulk. Throughout the series you get used to the visceral style, the gory flair…it feels so personal. I really do have to compliment the entire series on managing to stay so well written, and well drawn. Speaking of well written, the plot of Kick Ass 3 is balls to the wall.

We’re not pulling any punches anymore. That must’ve been the sentence uttered in the boardroom as they were discussing how to go about creating this piece. We see heroes get murdered. A lot of heroes get murdered. We see the return of Hit Girl, and we finally see Dave get to be happy with his life. It’s actually pretty refreshing. His moments with his girlfriend, Valerie, are such a dramatic change of pace that it’s almost like reading an entirely different book. Gone are the days where Katie Deaumaux’s story was in the back of Dave’s head. Thank goodness, because that was a terrible plot line. No, Valerie is a much better character because she represents the first female of the series to truly care about Dave other than Hit Girl.

kick ass 3

In true balls to the wall fashion, we also see a complete and total resolution to the mafia war that the heroes have been waging since the very first comic book. While the series does go out with a bang, it is ultimately pretty predictable, and I’m sad that Rocco Genovese’s (the new big bad) story line comes to such a roundabout conclusion. The conclusion to the whole series is much, much better. It finds a nice balance of sentimentality and reality. We see the end result of heroes, villains, and civilians being caught up and killed throughout this series. We see the restructuring of the NYPD based on all of these events. Above all else we finally get the answer to the question of why ordinary people haven’t donned super suits.

Kick Ass 3 is a marvelous conclusion to a marvelous series. If you can find the collected book, I’d recommend picking up the whole thing. You’ll want to make sure you’ve read the other two first, as this is a direct continuation. All in all, this is a fantastic series that will live in the hearts and minds of all of those who read it. We salute you Kick Ass, thanks for the ride.

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