Game Grade: Fallout 4 (& DLC)

With just about all of Fallout 4’s DLC available for market, we thought it an apt time to let you know whether this one was worth a purchase, if you’re one of the few people that haven’t picked it up already. There are minor spoilers ahead, as well as in depth analysis of the systems at play throughout the world of Fallout 4. If you want to remain completely spoiler free, please close this article out now, we don’t want to be responsible for spoiling anything for you! With that aside, let’s dive into this pile of needles called Fallout 4. This is going to be an…interesting one.

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Starting off, I definitely want to say that I preferred Bethesda’s old RPG format much, much more than I do the current style that they’re “upgrading” to with Fallout 4. I think that Fallout 4 has an extreme amount of missteps. Don’t get me wrong, the game isn’t a piece of trash, not entirely. It’s an okay game that’s mired down by boring story, repetitive quests, and Bethesda’s signature lack of attention to detail that causes many bugs, glitches, and otherwise messes up your performance throughout the game. You’d think that in the year 2016, Bethesda would find a way to keep you from clipping through rocks No? Just me? Okay.

Man, the story in Fallout 4 really rubbed me the wrong way. As I first played through it, I didn’t have as much resentment. As I had more time to marinate on it, I realized that I can’t stand how many of the RPG elements they’ve decided to cut down on. Gunplay has been toned up, and the game is essentially a third and first person shooter with mild RPG elements now. Gone are the days of Fallout that had you going through deep dialogue trees and intriguing set pieces to ensure that you were thoroughly engaged. Everything is a shooting gallery. The quests are so samey and linear that they’re barely worth doing. Companions are annoying, and barely worth fleshing out. The only ones that truly have any worth are Cait, Dogmeat, and Nick.

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Speaking of the companions, there are WAY too many companions. Something like 18 companions clog up whatever base you send them to, and there’s almost no point. You don’t get backstory, you don’t get personal quests for each one, and you really don’t know these characters other than NPCs that are useless in combat and don’t shut up. At least New Vegas kept you interested in your partners and gave each a unique quest to keep you interested. Some are just plain annoying like Piper or MacCready. Don’t even get me started on the confusing and garbled mess of trying to “romance” them, eventually I decided it was far too much work and continued on my murder spree, and I’m the type to explore everything.

Base defense missions are beyond repetitive. The minute men constantly give you pointless settlement quest that serve as nothing more than time wasters, and padding of the content. The guns are bland and boring, although gun play is significantly improved. It feels much more satisfying to shoot and kill enemies in this one, as opposed to previous Fallout entries. However, as mentioned before, the games is about 60% gun play to 40% story. Oh, speaking of story, this one is about as cookie cutter as you can get.

The main story is extremely boring, and forces you to choose a side in the end, which I HATE in a game like Fallout that is supposed to offer you more options than you can fathom, and tailor it to you. The scenery of the game looks good, but people raving about how beautiful the game looks have obviously never seen a current gen game like Uncharted 4. Compared to something like that, the character models of Fallout look rough at best. This is what happens when you use an outdated engine and refuse to upgrade for “development reasons”.

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DLC is not worth buying. Far Harbor offers the most content, but beyond that everything is pretty bare bones. Automatron is so boring and craft heavy that I didn’t even have interest in finishing it. Wasteland workshop is essentially a charge for something that should’ve probably been in the game from the beginning. Nuka World hasn’t arrived yet, but I don’t really have high hopes after the DLC we’ve already been offered, and I feel very bad for anyone who bought into the season pass. Compared to DLC of days past, this feels tacked on, and borderline insulting for long term fans.

Avid Fallout fans will defend 4 to the death. They’ll take up their swords against anyone who dares to criticize Bethesda’s genius. Normally, I’d love to be on their side. Bethesda creates games like Skyrim, one of the best open world games EVER CREATED. I’m not sure what happened with Fallout. I’m not sure where they went wrong. It might have been the heavy focus on shooting. It may have been the lack of development. It may have been the smarmy protagonist who never quite says what you want him to say. All in all, Fallout 4 is a disappointment, and the first true letdown of the series, in my opinion.

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