Comic Corner: All New, All Different Avengers (Review)

Well folks, we’re back here again with another Comic Corner, and this time we’ve got a very special treat. The after effects of Battleworld left so many heroes from the Ultimate universe displaced, and to this day, we’re still not sure who exactly made it out. What we do know is that in the wake of everything, there were so many situations and threads that were just left hanging. One such was Tony Stark and Sam Wilson’s realization that there weren’t actually any teams that called themselves the Avengers. It’s in this revelation that we find ourselves at the doorstep of Marvel’s newest series, The All New, All Different Avengers.

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The thing I enjoy the most about the All New, All Different Avengers is that it includes Miles Morales’s Spider Man. Miles is an endearing character, and after him meeting and conversing with most of the veteran heroes in the second issue of his own print series, it was fascinating to see how well he got along with everyone. After facing an alien invader that had stowed away in some old Stark tech crates, several of the heroes band together to create a new alliance. The most interesting thing about this is that we’re combining heroes that hadn’t yet gotten to be on a team into a new and awesome incarnation of the Avengers.

Featuring the likes of Sam Wilson’s Captain America, The Mighty Thor (whose identity I won’t spoil, if you haven’t found out yet), Spider Man, the new Nova, Iron Man, and more! So far, they’ve managed to find a place for all the misplaced heroes, and bring story lines that are extremely entertaining. Whether it’s an alien invasion, or finding their place in wake of the impeding Civil War II, this super team is definitely one worth picking up, and enjoying as it comes out each month.

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Currently, we’re up to nine issues. Written by Mark Waid and drawn by Adam Kubert, the art style is a much more realistic, colorful visualization of the series. The power sets are diverse, and compliment each other well enough to enjoy seeing the different heroes tagging in and out as the situations call for. Although I’ve always had my problems with Iron Man’s character in general, it’s good to see him leading another iteration of the Avengers, proving that although everything may be different, some things can still stay the same.

If you haven’t had a chance to grab yourself the All New, All Different Avengers, do so soon, it’s a great series that’s off to an awesome start. Diverse power sets, cool heroes, and never before seen romances and combinations make this one an extremely intriguing read as the universe still reels and picks up the pieces after the Ultimate Universe’s postmortem.

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