Album Breakdown: Bobby Tarantino (Review)

Okay, okay…so we know this is a mixtape, not an album. The thing is though, when Logic releases a project, it’s usually worth talking about. His previous album, Incredible True Story, was an extremely interesting piece that meshed all kinds of different rap styles together to create a project that attempted to be as grand and adventurous as the background story that was happening during the skits. Featuring the voice talent of Steve Blohm as an astronaut, as well as cameos by the likes of Big Sean, it was an interesting break in between the various tracks. Bobby Tarantino strays from this formula in favor of a more traditional mixtape. Is that good? Is that bad? Well, we’re here to let you know.

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Bobby Tarantino is a project that reminded me of Logic’s biggest flaw. The thing is, Logic has never really found his own style. When you talk about Logic, the words “Oh, he reminds me of…” tend to follow. That’s good, and bad. It’s good because the nostalgic flow equal to that of many of his contemporaries manages to captivate and keep you interested when he really starts going. On the other hand, you never go into a track going, this sounds just like a Logic piece. For instance, you always hear Drake’s signature “SIX, SIX, SIX” when he starts a track. DJ Mustard starts off with “Mustard on the beat”. I could go on, and on, but you get the point. Logic just doesn’t have his own stamp.

Now, don’t get me wrong, this isn’t a bad tape by any means. However, the lack of diversity I had mentioned previously really stands out in this tape. Not only does Logic sound like he’s almost ripping off himself at some points, his flows and styles overlap with those that have influenced him so much that it’s hard to remember this is a Logic project. Also, as some previous singles such as Wrist have shown, this is a huge dumbing down of content. Under Pressure flew high over people’s heads, which is why it piqued their interest. Unfortunately, Bobby Tarantino brings us samey flows and predictable bars that we could expect from many other rappers.


Ultimately, if you’re a fan of Logic, this is another tape that will tide you over until his next commercial project. If you’re not a fan, or have never heard of Logic, this is NOT the entry point for you. This will give you a bland and boring view of a rapper with tons of charisma that is unfortunately not on display here. Yes, some songs are catchy. Yes, the tape is at least decent. The thing is, when it comes to Logic, decent is bad. I expect something edgy, groundbreaking, awe inspiring. I want to feel like I felt when I popped Under Pressure in for the first time. This does not recreate that feeling.

Bobby Tarantino is a decent tape plagued by dull ideas. Songs are great in the club, but for private listening, they can get old quick. Features on this track feel out of place, but some do genuinely compliment the songs that they accompany. Production value is high, but ultimately falls short of expectations and hope. In my heart of hearts, I’m wishing that Logic’s next project soars above this one by miles.

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