Comic Corner: Sam Wilson: Captain America (Review)

Captain America has always stood for the values and virtues of America. During World War II, he stood up against the Nazi threat. In modern times, he’s opposed Iron Man’s superhero registration act. He’s stood against alien invasions, he’s been an Avenger for about as long as anyone can remember. He’s even died and been reborn. However, the one thing that had never happened was that Steve Rogers had never willingly passed the mantle of Captain America. Sure, Bucky had worn it after his death, and that was fine, but it was unofficial. Only until recently have we had a new Cap gracing truth, justice, and the American way…Mr. Sam Wilson.

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For those who don’t know, Sam Wilson was formerly the Avengers member, Falcon. For years, Falcon had soared alongside Cap. When the original Civil War broke out, Falcon took Cap’s side wholeheartedly. He watched Cap die. He hunted down Cap’s killer. In the years of Steve’s absence, he even condoned (kind of) Bucky being Captain America. However, in Steve’s most recent issue, in which he had the Super Soldier Serum sucked from his body, thus rendering him a much older version of himself…he knew it was time to pass the mantle on. He chose a man he knew he could depend on through thick and thin. He chose a man he knew America could depend on through thick and thin, Sam Wilson.

In the ever changing age we live in, there’s always a huge race debate going on. I’m not going to take sides nor am I going to engage in the debate here in this article, as it’s definitely not my place. What I will say is how admirably Sam Wilson is written. He’s a strong black man who embraces the idea that he is the first and only black Captain America. Sam embraces that he’s an idol for many young black teens and children. It’s extraordinarily cool how much of a mentor he can be to them. The other thing is that the tasteful inclusion of a very strong, all black cast has done wonders for the comics.


There was a particular scene in which he gave a eulogy for a fellow fallen black superhero as well as American icon, War Machine that was particularly moving. I love Sam Wilson as Cap, and I’m extremely excited to see where they go next with him. His suit, which keeps the Falcon wings from days gone by, is also a nice change that hearkens back to the days of his previous identity. Currently, we’re up to about 11 issues with 10 and 11 being Civil War II tie ins (excellent ones, at that.) Also, if you can get your hands on an issue #1, I’d recommend doing so ASAP, it’ll be extremely valuable in the years to come.

Sam Wilson as Captain America was revolutionary. Aside from all of the progressive implications, its a great storyline with lots of strong characters. Sam is a much less neutral Cap, so its interesting to see him take sides on great debates, as well as represent Cap’s mantle as best as he can. With the recent revelations of Steve Rogers’s history with HYDRA however, I’m extremely curious to see where the later printings of this series goes. Oh, and if you can’t get enough of Sam as Cap, he’s also in the All New, All Different Avengers (equally awesome)!


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