Comic Corner: DC Rebirth: Superman (Review)

My problem with the DC Universe in general is always the fact that Superman exists. With him in the universe, one of three things always ends up happening in these story lines. One: they have to send him away for some convenient reason because there’s literally not one person in almost the entire galaxy that can defeat him. Two: They turn him evil and then make the superheros band together against him. Superman is so powerful that he’s either the villain, or he just has to be gone for us to be scared for our heroes. That already handicaps the writers from the start.

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With the reboot of the DC Universe Rebirth, I was happy to see that there was a character more powerful than Superman joining the fray. However, today, we’re going to be talking about Sup’s DCU Rebirth series, and whether it’s worth picking up.

From a collector’s standpoint, you HAVE to pick up number 1. It’s already in its second printing, so if you didn’t get a first printing, you’re probably already out of luck, unfortunately. What I will say is that the introduction of Superman having a son is interesting. We’ve had the story line “Son of Superman” before, but not as a headlining story. Connor Kent, or Superboy, was a clone of Superman, and Superman acted like a father to him (an estranged one, but still, a father). This is the first direct lineage that we’ve had as a consistent plot line to the story. Unfortunately, this doesn’t help to remedy the still extremely boring Superman story.

Maybe its the fact that we’re only two issues in, and things will start ramping up. Maybe we’ll see an amazing turnaround, but so far I’m just seeing more of the same Superman that we’re all used to. It’s boring. It’s Superman on a farm, with his son. It’s Superman being Superman, saving the day. It’s nothing that we haven’t seen before. Honestly, it was so dry that I had to put it down and go read the second issue of The Flash to get a bit less boredom in my life.

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While its well drawn, and a bit intriguing, DC Rebirth Superman just doesn’t hold water…yet. I recommend picking up the first issue if you’re a collector, the second issue is skippable. I’m keeping my eye on the series, hoping it ramps up, but so far there’s nothing here to talk about. I’m keeping my fingers crossed, because I want to believe in Superman. Yet, with how interesting Flash ad Batman’s arcs are…well, my attention is a bit divided, and for good reason.

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