Animania: Hunter X Hunter (Recommend)

Hunter X Hunter is a perfect example of how to create a near perfect viewing experience. Genuine suspense, intrigue, and thrilling action. Couple this with likable and endearing protagonist(s) and you have a winning recipe. I’ve watched through Hunter X Hunter several times now, and each time it gets better and better. I’ll say this simply, the first watch will always be the best. The simple reason is that you’ll get to experience all of the moments with virgin eyes, and boy are they worth experiencing. Hunter X Hunter critically spoiled me on most other anime, as not many others are done to this caliber for this length of time. It’s simply put, one of the best anime ever created, period.

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I mentioned the aspects of what makes this good, but what makes HXH so good in its own right? Well, to start, Gon Freecs is a young boy who is looking for his father who abandoned him at a young age. Ging Freecs, his father, left to become a hunter. In this world, hunters are in a class of their own. The strongest of society, you must pass a rigorous test in order to become one. The license itself is worth millions, and the credit lines they can open for themselves total up to billions.

With a hunter’s license, one becomes in possession of wealth, and is marked for strength. However, this isn’t the central focus of the show. In fact, the show is so captivating because it helps you get lost in the moment, each moment, every moment. The arcs blend together so well, and so cohesively that the fluidity has to be commended. The smooth and reasonable transition between plot points is remarkable, every adventure feels like it has its place.


Moving between noir crime drama to adventure epic, to one of the most brutal war stories ever created, the twists and turns are so real. There are moments of unexpected death, unbelievable plot twists, and denied happy endings that are so surreal that you have to play them back to believe they happened. Characters don’t power up to ridiculous levels. They use brains to overcome brawn and outwit enemies rather than go Super Sayain 24 and take them down. When powers are introduced, they’re done tastefully and sparingly. Ultimately it feels like a compliment rather the trappings of a plot device, it’s supremely well done.

Characters like Killua, Hisoka, Gon, Leorio, and Kurapika stand out as each goes through a well developed character arc. Although I will say I wish the anime had been a bit longer, compared to the manga, I think it hit a good stopping point. We don’t get closure on some plot threads, but for those, you’ll just have to read the manga and get caught up that way. This is a masterpiece, and an absolute must watch for new and old anime fans alike. I can’t stress enough how much fun and enjoyment I got out of Hunter X Hunter, and I hope everyone else does too.


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