Comic Corner: DC Rebirth: Batman (Review)

With the rebirth of the DCU underway, it’s only natural to turn an eye to the more important members of the DC Universe as they get their own lines. Today, we’re turning out eyes on Batman’s line, as it is easily the most interesting arc that has gotten underway so far. With excellent writing and a plot line that is sure to become fascinating, it’s a stark contrast from the dry and boring Superman line. We are going to be getting into minor spoiler territory of the first two issues (mainly the first) so if you want to stay spoiler free, I’d read those comics and come back.

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The start of Batman’s line begins on an extremely interesting note. We see not Batman speaking, but Bruce Wayne. What I mean is that we get a glimpse into a softer side of Batman embracing his mortality. He’s speaking as though he’s on his death bed, as he goes to stop a missile. He laments that there aren’t any flying superheroes in Gotham. As he runs down the list of who he could call from the Justice League, he realizes there aren’t any available. This confirms two things for us. In the altered universe, the Justice League has still been established. While certain parts of their realities have been changed, many of the core heroes remain untouched, including their lineage. This isn’t so much of a flashpoint as we’d been lead to believe. Yet, towards the end of the comic, two heroes calling themselves Gotham Man and Gotham Girl show up to save the day at the last moment.

This is a huge development, because as the two heroes begin to call Gotham “their city” Batman realizes that something isn’t right. All of this comes in the wake of Batman finding the Comedian’s button in the Batcave. Who are these meta humans? What’s going on here? It’s a fascinating glimpse into Batman facing his morality, and being scared for the first time in print as far as back as I can remember. The addition to two new heroes (or villains) into the fold brings Batman’s story down a never before seen road. Typically, those that patrolled Gotham are all of the Bat family, but this is very different, and very exciting.


With Batman and the Flash having the most pivotal roles in the universe right now, the Bat’s arc is definitely one I would pick up. With an excellent first two issues, it’s definitely more intriguing, and far more interesting than any of Batman’s counterparts that are out right now. Make sure you’re grabbing issue number 1 if you can, because it’ll be going fast if you’re a collector. I can’t wait to see where this series goes. More than Superman, I fell as though Batman will be one of the heroes facing the most trials ahead.

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