Comic Corner: Spider Man (Review)

In the remnants of Ultimate End, many of the heroes from the Ultimate Universe find themselves displaced. Although its impossible to tell some from others, some are markedly still around. Miles Morales’s Spider Man is one of them. Coming from a world in which Peter Parker had been dead, and wasn’t coming back, Miles took over the reigns as the web swinger. It’s a pretty bold move to replace Peter Parker, as when it was done in the non ultimate “main” Marvel line, fans threatened death on the writers. The difference with Miles is that he wears the suit with style. He’s a young kid with reverence for his idols who just wants to do good things. He’s not a super genius like Peter, but he’s a smart kid with a good heart. As Marvel gives him his own solo series, we only have one question to answer. Is it good?

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The short answer is yes. Back in February, when it was announced that Miles would get a solo series in the Marvel Universe, people were excited, but hesitant. Miles is the first non caucasian iteration of Spider Man, and this is a huge deal in the ever changing comic world. People were worried that the books would be plagued by questions of race and idealism and take away all of the fun that’s mean to be had in a Spider Man story. While these issues are touched upon, they’re handled with class, and they manage to keep the story on Miles’s Spider Man exploits rather than cause controversy about his home life. Unlike Peter, he comes from a loving family, and he has people that know his secret identity. After recently finding his place in the All New All Different Avengers series, I’ve really warmed up to the character.

His story is well drawn, and I loved the second issue interaction between Peter Parker and Miles, now that they both coexist in the same universe. Peter’s big brother vibe towards Miles helps to solidify his credibility as Spider Man, and the writers likely did this so that long time Spidey fans would take Peter’s stamp of approval as a way of the creators nodding towards not passing the torch, but illuminating the world side by side. Miles has a different set of powers than Peter, and it’s pretty interesting to see him interact with the world around him. He brings a tangible new car smell into the Marvel universe. What I mean, is that it’s like seeing the world through fresh eyes. We’ve had so much time with all of these heroes, and they all know each other so well…it’s become second nature for them.


When Miles is introduced, it brings a feeling of nostalgic whimsy, that feeling of being a kid again and looking at your favorite hero. There’s a particularly funny moment when Miles gets to hold Cap’s shield and he has a “Nerdgasm” that shows the down to earth writing style that will ultimately give this series the longevity it deserves. Coming to a current total of five issues, it’s been a pretty interesting ride, and a fun one. I can’t wait to see what becomes of the series as it runs on.

So, in an age full of Marvel passing on costumes to new heroes, reviving old ones, and shaping the landscape of the universe in general, I’m happy to say that Miles has found a good place among his piers. The writers treat the character with respect, and don’t try to shift the entire landscape, nor write out Peter Parker and try to put up Miles as the new poster boy. Instead, they’ve set up a scenario in which the two happily co exist, and I think fans can be happy that there’s even more Spider love to go around.

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