Animania: Psycho Pass (Recommend)

Psycho Pass is an extraordinarily cool idea done very well. Introducing complex and memorable characters, this series is easily one of the best anime ever created, and an absolute must watch for fans of gritty and well done crime dramas. It’s a blend of True Detective and Minority Report, keeping you guessing at every turn. Characters feel necessary and powerful, and Kogami is an easy stand out above all all other characters, which is why he was chosen to be the series lead along side Akane Tsumemori, who is an interesting idea within herself. The whole show is a microcosm for the idea of profiling, and it tackles a lot of interesting topics without actually tackling them.


Akane Tsunemori is junior inspector (detective) which means that she’s been put in charge of a group of Enforcers. Enforcers, quite simply, are those who are expected to break the law, and have some acuity for crime enforcement. No, they haven’t actually broken the law yet, but they might, based on their crime coefficient. A crime coefficient is the Sibyl Society’s judgement placed upon an individual based by brain scans and emotional scans after they’ve experienced a traumatic incident, or throughout every day life. Psychotherapy, consistent use of drugs, as well as special treatments are administered to keep society dulled, complacent, and nearly without crime.

The weapon of choice for the police departments are called Dominators. Dominators are extremely powerful laser pistol like apparatus that instantly stun or kill based the setting, or crime coefficient. Imagine the Star Trek phasors, except they’re not manually set to stun or kill. Sibyl determines a crime coefficient, and based on the coefficient level, the Dominator will either kill or maim the target. The guns register to only Police and Enforcers, so criminals using them against their opposition is nearly impossible. Everything about Sibyl is shaken to the very core one day, as a man named Makishima makes his reappearance.


As Makishima appears, he throws the world into chaos, and the police force must track him down without becoming criminals themselves. Thus, we begin a journey about the over militarization of law enforcement, profiling, over use and prescriptions of pharmaceuticals, and human apathy. As you go deeper and deeper down the rabbit hole, it’s hard to pull yourself out of what has to be one of the most engaging stories I’ve seen in years. Makishima is a compelling villain, and finding out more about him is easily one of the most interesting parts of the show. Kogami and Tsunemori are also a fascinating pair, and delving into their pasts is an essential point of the show.

Masterfully animated, and masterfully written, it’s a near perfect drama that I wish others could emulate for years to come. Fans of this drama already know how beautiful it is, and those that haven’t yet experienced it absolutely need to. Psycho Pass two is at the top of its class, and it’ll be hard to top it in the years to come, if ever.

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