Comic Corner: Spider Man/Deadpool (Review)

Building a bromance from nothing but a good idea is pretty difficult. Marvel seems to have had this idea cooking for a long time, and after about seven issues ready to go, I’ve finally got a conclusive opinion about this series. Today, we’re taking a look at Spider Man and Deadpool, the comic that had everyone talking from the first issue. In fact, the first issue was so popular, it’s now in its sixth concurrent printing. Even though we’re cashing in on the idea of Spider Man and Deadpool combined…does it really constitute a brilliant printing?

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Well, the answer is yes, and no. Honestly, you’d think that the two would be a natural mesh. Peter Parker, who has always been a wise cracking wall crawler, is known for his typical witty fighting banter. At the same time, Deadpool is known for his off the wall antics, and ridiculous gags that compliment the extreme brutality that makes Deadpool…well, Deapool. It goes without saying that neither character needs an introduction, and I think that speaks volume for this level of crossover. Again though, we have to really get to the baseline of what we were looking for out of this. A beat em up series? A long running gag fest? A deep story about two individuals sharing differences, but still becoming friends? Eh, no, not really.

Actually, I think what most people were looking for was the chance to see the two bicker and argue, and boy do we get a good helping of that. Consistent banter between Spidey and Deadpool feels natural, and the characters’ motives feel genuine. At the same point, a lot of it does feel like fan service. If it’s not forced, the manifestations of their alliance can feel like fan service boiled down to its most basic elements. Yet, good fan service is something that I can commend, heartily. Spider Man and Deadpool has a ton of witty quips, great action, and interesting villains tying in. Not to mention, it’s got some of the best cover art runs I’ve seen in a long time. I particularly enjoy issue six’s cover.


Although I do have some minor gripes, I have to say that the series is pretty solid as a whole. There are tons of great bromance moments thorughout, and the first few issues were fairly solid. I’m curious to see where this series goes, and I’m hoping that the mystique of seeing the two consistently cross over into each others’ brand of humor won’t wear thin. On the same coin, it’s their own special brand of interaction that makes Spider Man and Deadpool such a gem, and I hope that the novelty continues through more iterations of the current printing. It’s definitely a must grab for fans of the duo.

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