Comic Corner: The Mighty Thor (Review)

The Mighty Thor continued the roster change that happened in the 2014 to 2015 era of Marvel comics. Initially met with extreme backlash, things have quieted down in the face of a new Thor. The Mighty Thor follows Jane Foster, who is replacing Thor Odinson as the new Thor. Rather than being an immortal, she’s a human who becomes the goddess of thunder when she picks up Mjolnir, and if she’s separated too far from her faithful hammer, she reverts back into Jane. Not a huge problem…except Jane Foster is dying of cancer.

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So, to start, I was a little torn on this series. I grew up on Thor, and it really did feel a little politically correct to change Thor into a woman. I’m absolutely all for strong female characters, but it felt a little bit like…pandering. I wasn’t quite sure why they did it, but, for some reason, I feel like I’m enjoying this version of Thor a lot more. My enjoyment comes from the fact that she’s different. It’s something mold breaking. I’m all for mold breaking.

While I do enjoy seeing Thor pop up in other comic lines, and I really enjoy seeing her in the All New All Different Avengers, I will say that her own series is good as well. It’s not amazing, but, it’s definitely got a ton of potential. The balancing act of Jane dying of cancer and being Thor is fascinating, and I’m curious to see whether she ends up giving Odinson back the mantle after the cancer either kills her, or she’s cured of it. We see some familiar villains like dark elves and Loki, so the series isn’t too foreign. It’s actually pretty interesting to see how Asgard reacts to Jane being Thor as well. Calling her thief and usurper, she often finds herself having better luck on Earth than in Asgard.

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Also, it’s pretty interesting that not many heroes in the current Marvel Universe know Jane’s true identity. Her currrent romance with Sam Wilson’s Captain America is really cool too, and I’m glad to see that their breaking the mold with this romance, as these are two characters that have never had a romance before. The art style is pretty solid, although it’s nothing groundbreaking. The story arcs are handled with respect, and I think that the property is a must own for collectors, if only for the novelty.

For now, I’ll recommend the Mighty Thor series. It’s got a good start, but it’s going to need to run a bit longer before I can really rave about it. It didn’t resonate with me like Sam Wilson’s Cap, or Miles Morales’s Spider Man…but it’s still extremely cool. It’s a well done series that can pack a punch and introduces another new character into Marvel’s ever shifting roster.


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