Game Grade: Evolve Stage 2 (Review)

Evolve: Stage 2 hopes to fix the disaster that became the original Evolve. Plagued with DLC troubles, a dwindling player base, and an extreme lack of depth or content…things weren’t looking good for Evolve. At a certain point, the player base threatened to die out completely. To that end, Turtle Rock Studios is making another go at re releasing the game with hopeful fixes intertwined. The question we’ve come to answer for you today is whether Evolve’s second season trumps the first. As a free game, hopes are high, and we’re excited to let you know that for right now, the answer is absolutely, yes.


The main objective is to team up and hunt down a large variety of player controlled monsters, while the monster runs around eating wildlife and attempting to “evolve” hence the namesake. The game is absolutely beautiful, running around locales looks awesome, and the worlds are well crafted and feel very large. It’s really cool to fly around using your jetpack or jump around as the monster when everything is so pretty, and great to look at. I’ve heard a few complaints about not being able to run the game, but I’ve been able to run it at a solid 60 fps with max settings.

I will say that gameplay wise, the monster and the hunters are a lot of fun. Being able to select your preference helps you to be able to play a role you prefer, most of the time. I will say that it can often be a bit frustrating to be the monster, as the hunters seem to always be able to find you, no matter how you sneak or attempt to get away. I think this is a bit unfair for the less experienced players, as they don’t stand much of a chance if you fall into a more experienced group. If you’re good however, there’s almost no chance the hunters can win if you get to a second level evolution, or a third level.


To that end, the game feels a little imbalanced, with the situation feeling like a boat filling with water. If there’s not too much on one side, then there’s too much on the other. This doesn’t detract too much, as the swashbuckling, monster hunting fun is in full swing. The community is also currently thriving, and for a free game, there are a TON of features. There’s also currently no cash shop right now, so micro transactions aren’t a worry here. I think the developers have learned from the micro transaction and DLC debacle they had with the initial game, and are attempting to win back the goodwill of the community currently.

All in all, the game is extremely fun. It’s hard to beat the price tag of free, and with the initial offerings, there is a TON of content for people to explore. I recommend giving this one a shot, it’s available on steam right now. Be cautious if you don’t have a gaming PC though, as it may be a system destroyer on lesser end rigs. For now, Evolve: Stage 2 gets a solid recommendation from us, and I for one am definitely excited to see where the new iteration of the series takes us.

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