Show Time: Jessica Jones (Review)

Jessica Jones was a show that should’ve been better. While I don’t think it’s necessarily bad, it didn’t have the smash hit feeling that I got when I was watching Daredevil’s first season. Maybe it’s because in my age of comics, Jessica Jones had already been downgraded to a B list hero. She was long retired for most of my adult life, and was a mother before a PI. However, with the rise of most of Marvel’s properties coming back in full swing, I expected many characters to get an official reboot and revamp, I just never expected Jessica Jones to be one of them.


I should say first off that Luke Cage, who appears in this series, is absolutely awesome. Half of me watched this series simply to see Luke be Luke, and I was happy when they introduced him. To those who don’t know, Jessica Jones is a super powered private investigator that is one of the best at what she does. She’s a bit grimy, a bit dirty, and typically on the wrong side of the law. The comic book adaptation of Jessica Jones had little to no interest in being a hero, and I’m glad to see they kept that attitude carried over to the Netflix adaption of it.

I give the show credit for its grit. Sex scenes are abundant, as well as hard topics like rape and coercion as well as murder vs. imprisonment. When it tackles these topics, it doesn’t often do it with class, but the show does it with it’s own flare, which lends to the atmosphere that they’re trying to create. On top of this, Patsy Walker (not yet Hellcat) is featured, and I think they manage to capture the spunk of the character pretty well. We’ve got a lot of big names featured here too. Kristen Ritter as Jones, David Tennant as Killgrave, Rachael Taylor as Patsy, and so on. I mentioned it before, but once again I want to give Mike Colter a round of applause for a great performance as a stoic and strong Luke Cage.


The best thing that Jessica Jones did for me was give Iron Fist and Luke Cage a jumping off point. If she does join the Heroes For Hire roster, I don’t think she’d be a bad addition, but I do think that it make detract slightly, just due to the bit of cheese her show has. The flying and super powered scenes are rough to say the least, and when we see Jessica exert her powers, it often looks like cheap special effects. The story is pretty solid, and Tennant really does give his all as Killgrave. I also enjoy when the show gets meta, such as when they comment on Killgrave’s namesake. What I don’t like is when the show gets a bit cocky and tries to act like it’s more compelling than it is.

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Ultimately, the show is pretty solid. If I had to give it a rating, I’d give it somewhere around a C+. It has a lot of good ideas hampered by having to give too much backstory on too many characters. I’ll bet that later seasons will markedly improve as Kristen Ritter settles into her role as Jessica Jones more and more. If you’re looking for a solid watch on a lazy afternoon, this is something you might want to consider. Just make sure there aren’t any kids around, this one is a superhero story for the adults only.

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