Comic Corner: Captain Marvel (2016) (Review)

I never enjoyed Carol Danvers as Ms. Marvel. I always felt that she was a less refined version of Superman, and at her essence, she was a corny character. I was always in the opposing side to the way she was written. When the first Civil War hit, and she jumped ship to Iron Man’s side, it solidified my dislike of her. In the years since, I’ve watched her hypocrisy over and over again, and Carol Danvers continued to irk and irritate me to no end. When she changed the mantle and became Captain Marvel, all of that changed. The way she was written, her charisma, and her likability soared. For some reason, I find her very harrowing, and cool. I think that she’s an excellent addition to the pantheon of strong women that Marvel currently has in its roster.


Currently up to seven issues, Captain Marvel’s solo story is a good one. Starting off with her assuming command of Alpha Flight, we get to see her deal with any and all calamities that could impact the outer space. Being introduced (and re-introduced) to characters like Puck, Aurora, and Sasquatch is extremely nice. Her relationship with Rhodey post Civil War II was also quite endearing. Although we only got a quick flash of it in this series, the two are already in love. With the most recently published issues of her series being a direct tie in to Civil War II, the intrigue has ramped up to eleven, as we are offered a unique perspective on one of the side leaders in this new conflict.

The story definitely has charm, and we see a lot of intergalactic hero teams popping in and out. Seeing Rocket Raccoon’s cameo in the first issue was a lot of fun, and the conversation the two have is equally witty. I’m also glad that we’ve gravitated out of the era of comic books where every female character needs to have the most gigantic breasts that a human body can possibly hold while at the same time putting them in ridiculously tight spandex. It was cool when we were thirteen and ogling, but as an adult I really enjoy the awesome design of her Captain Marvel costume. It’s stylish, strong, but still retains her femininity.

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To boil it down to its most simple elements, the new Captain Marvel is handling her role quite well. I’m thoroughly enjoying her solo series, and I think longtime fans of Marvel comics, the character, and maybe even some previous haters will enjoy this. The issues in which she deals with Rhodey’s fate post Civil War II are especially endearing, and you forget just how tied into the world Carol has been over the last few decades. Oh, and the art! The cover art alone is enough to make these collectors items, but the series has been drawn beautifully throughout.


I recommend picking up the first issue (if you can find it) and seeing how it goes from there. It’s a very fun series akin to the new Nova, Ms. Marvel, and Spider Man series. It’s got familiar faces thrown in with some exciting new twists. The story arcs have been interesting, and pay respects to readers and fans alike. It’s an easy recommendation to anyone who happens to be curious about whether they should jump in.

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