Singled Out: Dang! (Review)

“Dang!” is Mac Miller’s return to music after the release of his mildly well received album GO:OD AM. Personally, I think that GO:OD was the best album Mac had released in years. Blue Slide Park was his pinnacle for me, and as Mac went through various exestensial crises and had to really figure out who he was, I think his music suffered a bit. What we liked about Mac was how fun he was, how interesting he was, and how much he enjoyed his life and making music. He lost that flare as he got older, but “Dang!” brings an experimental sound that may revitalize Mac’s sound once again.


“Dang!” had a beat I was definitely not expecting. A disco beat combining the vocals of newly booming artist Anderson .Paak makes for a side of Mac I haven’t seen since he did acoustic raps and toured with The Internet. He has a pretty solid flow and interesting bars, but I think he still needs a bit of time to settle into the sound. At certain points, he almost sounds uncomfortable with his own instrumental, and the chill vibe that he seems to be exuding loses its luster when wrapped up in a high energy beat. Production is solid though, and as an instrumental, “Dang!” definitely stands out in an industry full of heavy bass.

Anderson .Paak himself does a solid job on background vocals, although the mixing is a bit rought at points. Occasionally, I find Anderson getting drowned out by the sheer volume of the instrumental, as well as Mac. This is a pretty unfortunate thing when not one, but BOTH of the acts featured on the track can be barely heard at certain points. I swapped headphones and listened multiple times to see if maybe it was just my equipment, but no, it was still there even after the swap.


As a prelude to his album “The Divine Feminine” I think that’ it’s a fairly solid teaser. There’s nothing here to get extremely excited about like there was with GO:OD AM’s debut single, 100 Grandkids. At the same time, I’m hoping it will do what Chance The Rapper’s album did for me, and give me a much needed breather and refresh me in the wake of so much samey and tonally mirrored raps. If you’re a Mac Miller fan, definitely check this single out. All I can say is that I’m excited for the album, and I hope that Mac can follow up GO:OD AM with something equally as awesome.

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