Show Time: Scrubs (Review)

Scrubs is one of my favorite shows for the simple reason of understanding its audience. It knows what tone it wants to take, and it takes it from the jump. While it is basically a FRIENDS clone, Scrubs is still one of the mos popular shows to reference, and binge watch, for good reason. If you haven’t seen it already, you absolutely have to. It’s a must watch for fans of shows like How I Met Your Mother, the aforementioned FRIENDS, and Cheers. It combines the hospital elements and drama of shows like Grey’s Anatomy with all of the humor of the above mentioned sitcoms and comedies. Just…pretend like the ninth season didn’t ever happen.


Dr. John Dorian is starting his first day as an intern at Sacred Heart Hospital. Along with his best friend and fellow doctor/surgeon, Christopher Turk, he grows up around a colorful cast of crazy characters and running gags. Whether it’s the Janitor’s ceaceless tormenting or Dr. Cox’s raving and maniacal rants, J.D has his work cut out for him in this hospital. It’s from this premise that the show finds its footing and never lets go. It so perfectly strikes a balance in between a comedy and drama. The moments that stick out to me from memory like Dr. Cox losing his patients to a rabies outbreak and going nuts or J.D being taped to the ceiling listening to his problems all regergetated back to him are so profound. In an element of such strong, laugh out loud comedy you’d think it would be hard to have so much heart.

Sarah Chalke, Zach Braff, Donald Faison and so many more play their roles so masterfully, it’s hard to forget that they aren’t the characters they portray on screen. Although Scrubs had so many missteps and misfires due to unfortunate timing of writer’s strikes and show creators abandoning legacy in an attempt to revive the show, the first eight seasons are about as fantastic as can be. There is never a dull moment, and none of the gags feel particularly forced or uninteresting. The first season can be a little rough, but mid to late seasons embrace the show’s wacky nature to the fullest and go balls to the wall on the comedy. It’s through that insanity that we get some of the most endearing tales and hilarious moments.


Again, I strongly urge people to forget that the ninth season existed. It was a terrible attempt to reclaim past glory by abandoning the perfect eigth season ending in favor of continuing the story. The season was terribly received, and for good reason. It’s a perfect example of creators not knowing when to leave well enough alone. Even stars like Dave Franco can’t save this atrocious season. So, when watching through, make sure you stop at season eight.


All in all, Scrubs is a comedy near and dear to the hearts of many, for good reason. It’s a fantastically written an acted show with so much heart that it’s hard not to find a moment to love. If you go into this one with high expectations, I expect the show to meet them. You can conveniently view all…nine….(just pretend there are eight)…seasons on Netflix.

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