Animania: Dragon Ball Super (Review)

For many, commenting on the relevancy or the legacy on anything Dragon Ball is absolute sacrilege. While I don’t fall into the camp that promotes zealotry and ridiculous over elevation of the series to a level beyond which it actually is…I will admit that DBZ is pretty legendary. On the flip side, show creators already attempted to continue the saga and provide a proper ending once with Dragon Ball GT, and they failed spectacularly. Riddled with plot holes and the idiotic premise of reverting Goku back to a child because he was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time was a huge misstep. Dragon Ball Super seeks to rewrite the canon and go back in time to bring about a proper ending.


To start, I’ll have to say that you absolutely cannot compare DBZ to DBS. DBS is more comparable to Dragon Ball GT, because it takes place after the Majin/Super/Kid Buu sagas. It essentially does a Days of Futures Past in which it goes, “Hey, you remember all that stuff you didn’t like? Yeah, just…just pretend it didn’t exist.” Comparing the two, Super has started out a lot stronger…but it feels so much more childish than DBZ ever could. DBZ had such strong overtones of heritage, lineage, and purity that get overwritten by Super’s goofy exterior. Also…there’s not that much going on…like at all.

Essentially Super boils down to several sagas combining the most recent DBZ movie with arcs like the Black Goku arc and others. While I’m glad to see that they averted the idiotic idea of once again changing someone into a kid, they also have WAY too much comic relief in even the first few episodes. I’m pretty nervous for the series going forward, as it seems that current show runners are clueless about what the fans want. At the same time I commend them. It’s pretty obvious that Super is attempting to forge it’s own identity away from DBZ, but it’s severely struggling thus far.



Many are mixed on it. The animation is definitely not fantastic, but DBZ and DBGT were never all that well animated to begin with. What really carried the series were their stories. They always had such memorable villains, strong heroes, and valiant crusades. I just can’t help feeling like Super is so lost right now that it won’t have any idea where to return to when it finally finds its footing. It’s definitely got fans split at the moment. Many are breathing a sigh of relief that the entire GT canon was wiped clean (Bye bye Pan!) but also aren’t exactly thrilled with the current product that we’re being offered. Oh, and they’re recycling villains at a rate I’ve never seen before.


In my opinion, Super is bad. It’s not as bad or idiotic as GT, but, it’s still bad. It’s unfortunate that Dragonball zealots will consume whatever is given to them, because if they would make a loud enough ruckus, the creators might actually pull their heads out of their asses long enough to save this series. There is still time. I want to reiterate. This series is not cute. It’s not cute bad. It’s not so bad it’s good. It’s boring, bad, and there is absolutely nothing going on. It’s not a worthy continuation of DBZ, just like GT wasn’t. My feelings may change based on how the show progresses, but, as things stand…it’s not looking too hopeful.


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