Comic Corner: DC Rebirth: Harley Quinn (Review)

DC Rebirth has been a definite mixed bag. While die hard DC fans will tell you that every rebirth line has been an absolute gem, I’m here to tell you that is absolute horse…oh, my editor is telling me I can’t say that. Whatever. There are definitely some bad ones, and so far, Harley Quinn is the absolute worst of them all. We’re only one issue in, and I typically like to give a series four or five issues before I do a review. The simple reason is…well, you don’t know what direction a writer is going to go based on the first issue. Not typically, anyway. Harley is a special case, and I’ll let you know exactly why. Minimal spoilers ahead, you’ve been warned.

5205826-harley_cv1 harley.jpg

I can see what DC is going for. Don’t get me wrong. They want to make Harley Quinn the Deadpool of DC. Why wouldn’t they? Deadpool has (typically) about five different comic lines all going at once, and they all sell well. They can basically write him as crazily as they please, and people eat it up. He’s a standalone character that could never interact with another Marvel Universe character and everyone would still be just as pleased.

So, with that said, here comes Harley. They’ve drawn her to mirror Margot Robbie’s character in the upcoming Suicide Squad movie (which, I also didn’t enjoy) and given her almost nearly the same mannerisms and…sex appeal?

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It’s almost hilarious to me how overdone Harley’s sex appeal is. The first few pages literally have her naked in the bath with Poison Ivy, and then getting a massage. For no reason. At all. It establishes the two are best friends after the end of Harley’s previous solo series, but it doesn’t do anything well. The way they introduce her is confusing, and it seems that they’re trying to bring her out of the shadow of The Joker. Here’s the problem: The Joker is a BETTER character. No, it doesn’t have a damn thing to do with him being a man or any of those other accusations that could be leveled. I think it’s great when strong women are given their own line. See my Captain Marvel review.

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What I DON’T think is cool are shameless cash grabs that are attempting to capitolize on the hype that movies set up. I think it’s cool when they do them well, but Harley Quinn’s DC Rebirth doesn’t do it well. At all. After the events of New 52, I was wondering what exactly would happen to Harley. Now, I’m wishing that they would just shove her back into the jack in the box she came from. The comic is boring, not funny, and truly a way to get people hyped about Suicide Squad. Luckily, Suicide Squad’s DC rebirth fares FAR better. I recommend picking this book up, for the simple reason of its value being predicted to skyrocket. Beyond that? It’s a boring piece that adds absolutely nothing to Harley’s character. Yawn.


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