Show Time: The Flash (Review)

The Flash makes me happy because THIS is what I wanted from DC properties. No, it’s not as polished and well done as the recent Marvel projects, but compared to Arrow…Flash is leagues ahead. I love the tone of the show, it stays true to Barry’s Flash while telling a new narrative that definitely feels well put together. While there are extreme moments of cringe…and boy, do I mean cringe…the show does about fifty times better than anything live action DC has put together in years. I’m so happy with the route they’ve decided to go with the show, and from here on, I think it will get better and better.


For those who don’t know, forensic analyst Barry Allen was hit by a scientifically charged bolt of lightning that gave him the power to be the fastest man alive. While there are way, way, way too many parallels between the lessons of running fast and life (delivered through cheesy monologues) I’m just happy that they took a lighter tone with Flash. The best thing that could’ve possibly happened was the hopeful and emotional overtone that the Flash takes. They’ve managed to incorporate S.T.A.R labs too, which was a fantastic plus.

The biggest thing for me between both was the story. With that covered, we can talk about the characters. The biggest problem in the entire show is Candice Patterson. I absolutely cannot stand Candice Patterson’s Iris Allen. I have no idea what shows she was in before or what high school acting class they pulled her out of, but she needs to go BACK. Her acting flips between stiff as a board to way, way too cheesy for my tastes. Literally one of her opening lines in the first episodes actually made me turn the show off and stop watching it for a full week. Do you know how bad your acting has to be to make me dread coming back? Oh my god.


Villains are interesting. I like them more than the ones in Arrow for the simple reason of them fitting much, much better. Whereas Oliver’s enemies feel extremely forced and the flashbacks to the island kill the pacing, Barry’s story stays cemented in the present. I love that. It keeps the pace of the story cemented in the present while continuously moving forward. I wish that Dr. Wells didn’t have such ridiculously nefarious intentions, but, I’ll sacrifice my gripes with those for all of the things the Flash does right. Oh, and the CGI isn’t perfect, but it’s definitely passable and doesn’t draw away from the show. There are some extremely odd looking moments when Barry is running through the city, but those are quick. There was a particularly well done scene where Barry took down a group of armed robbers that looked and felt great.


So, if you’re looking for a fun contrast and can get past some of the rough acting, this is for you. If you’re a Flash fan, Barry’s story manages to capture the heart of the story. It also manages to feel absolutely grounded in the fun and happy spirit that the Flash embodies. Overall, I’m extremely glad to see that Barry’s tale was handled so much better than the Green Arrow’s was. This is a great, and surprisingly, pretty well done treat for DC fans of all ages.

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