Comic Corner: Steve Rogers: Captain America (Review)

Steve Rogers is America’s hero. The difference between Batman, Superman, Spider Man, Iron Man, and so many others is that they aren’t LITERALLY Captain AMERICA. It’s becaue of this that Steve Rogers has always been one of the most important figures in comics. It’s because of this that he’s probably one of the only comic book characters to date that solicits some form of a patriot’s salute. I mean, the guy fought the Nazis. In 1942. He beat up Nazis. Do you really need any other reason to love the dude? Rebirth of a hero seeks to tweak Steve’s story line a bit, and alter the timeline slightly. It’s through this that we get an even more interesting view into Steve Rogers’ life.


After the events of Avengers: Standoff, in which a cosmic cube was used to imprison two teams of Avengers inside of Shield’s prison…things were a bit precarious. Prior to the events, Steve had his Super Soldier Serum sucked from his body. At this point, he was an old men. Although he led a team of Avengers (The Uncanny Avengers/Unity Squad) Steve was absolutely not the man he used to be. More of a political figure than a combatant at this point, Cap passed on his shield to Sam Wilson. His super soldier serum was restored after the cosmic cube (who became sentient, and was named Kobik) touched him. However, that isn’t all that the cube left behind.

In the first issue, it’s revealed that Steve Rogers is now a Hydra agent. No, this isn’t an impersonator. It’s not a Skrull. It’s the real flesh and blood Steve Rogers, who is currently a Hydra agent. This is something that has NEVER been done. In fact, it feels like an else-worlds tale. I’m a little sad to see Steve messed with like this, but it’s definitely a change of pace. The much more brutal Steve Rogers is still Cap at heart…but seeing him in other comics now is definitely precarious.


The story itself has some dry points, but, Cap’s new shield and new design help to feel less stagnant and represents the change in the character. Since Sam is hanging onto the original shield, Cap got a new one. It’s a pretty weird S.H.I.E.L.D prototype…thing. I guess it can shoot off it’s bottom half? It looks like an old school chevalier’s shield, which is maybe the point? Either way, it looks sweet, and I’m happy to see that they’re drawing Cap a lot more like his movie counterpart. I always thought that costume made a bit more sense. Oh, and yes, I know that all of the costumes in the Marvel movies are based on the Ultimate Universe. So don’t even.

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All in all, the few issues that have been released have been filled with twists and turns. The first issue garnered tons of criticism and shock because of Cap’s twist…but don’t worry about that. Read them for yourselves and decide if it’s something you like. I think it’s a wonderful story with tons of heart, and also, the twists keep it fresh. A definite pick up for Cap fans all over.


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