Album Breakdown: Major Key

I wanted to wait a while before really reviewing this album. It wasn’t because the album was prolific or because I thought that it was something worth really keeping close to the chest. My biggest worry was whether it was worth my time. There are so many other projects that deserve attention…but is DJ Khaled really one? I mean, the guy has made SOME good music. I’ll concede that. One hundred percent, the dude knows how to pick and choose artists. However, a full length Khaled project is usually more of a meme than it is an experience. However, I was pleasantly surprised when I began listening to Major Key.


My pleas sent surprise came from Khaled’s game finally stepping up. Fellow reviewer Anthony Fantano said something akin to, “I’m not sure if internet fame made Dj Khaled step up his sound-” and I’m extremely fascinated by that idea. Did Khaled’s internet fame really launch off this excellent soundscape that he’s created? I’m inclined to believe yes. I also think that the current landscape of music was one that lent to this. With the rise of gospel themed chorus, I think that Khaled’s sound has inherited a hopeful tune that translates well into a lot of his music.

The song Holy Key is an absolute favorite of mine of this track. Reminding me of something similar to Chance The Rapper’s last project, I’m finding that over time Holy Key grows on me even more. An extremely meaty and strong chorus that is complimented by both Big Sean and Kendrick Lamar giving strong verses really elevates this track to another level. Following this up with a fantastic J. Cole interlude sure doesn’t hurt either.


While there are some thematically throwaway songs on here such as I Got The Keys, I think that the majority of the record is pretty strong. On the other side of the album we have some club bangers, and not too much worth of note. I will say that in that same vein, the album is definitely not a purchase worthy piece. If you have a streaming service, that’s probably the best way to consume this. Honestly, I’d feel a fool if I owned this piece or bought it for $12 rather than streaming it on Tidal.

So, while Khaled hasn’t suddenly become this generation’s Mozart, he’s also ten steps ahead of where he was. There are definitely some tracks worth paying attention to, but nothing that’s going to really change your opinion of Khaled’s compositions if you don’t like them. So, it’s pretty interesting as a summer piece, but not much beyond that. It’s good for car rides and club bangers, but not much else. Definitely worth a stream, absolutely not worth a purchase.


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