Have You Played: Titanfall 2? (Recommend)

Titanfall 2 is a resounding success. It’s exactly what happens when developers listen to fans and incorporate changes that the community wants, while also improving on many features that the original game was lacking. Things like a full singleplayer campaign as well as improved multiplayer features with more combinations of customization for pilots and Titans alike. If you haven’t already played Titanfall 2, we’ve got quite a few reasons why you need to pick it up as soon as you can!

titanfall 2 2.jpg

To start, we’ll talk about the singleplayer. The singleplayer in many shooters tends to be tacked on as an afterthought. The unfortunate thing about campaigns in shooters ends up being that developers feel they aren’t needed because players will just rush to the multiplayer. What they don’t understand is that the main campaign can serve as immersion into the world. It can serve as a reason to return and it can serve as extra content to elevate the game to it’s best form. The Titanfall 2 campaign is beautifully well done. Boasting extravagant set pieces and shooting sections that feel so finely crafted to Titanfall’s strongest points, it’s an absolute thrill ride all the way through.

With awesome characters like Cooper and BT carrying the story, you get a fine tuned look into Titanfall’s world. You understand motivations, and you get to see the game through the eyes of a fresh pilot. The voice acting is phenomenal. Everybody gave it their all, and the story (while a bit short, clocking in at only 4 hours) is definitely something to be admired. I absolutely adore the Titanfall 2 campaign, and I can’t wait to see what a fully fleshed out story line looks like in future games.

titanfall 2 3.jpg

Beyond this, the graphics are phenomenal. The wartorn and futuristic world comes to life as you play through various locales. Calling in your titan and playing as your pilot both have an extremely unique feel as you maneuver your way through the world. As realistic as everything ends up looking, you can find yourself lost in the sound design and the phenomenal graphics as you demolish other players and Titans in the multiplayer world of Titanfall 2.

Time to kill feels fair. You don’t take a million bullets, and neither do your opponents. That’s an extremely important balancing factor when you really get down to the multiplayer aspects of things. On top of this, the customization options are quite a bit more fleshed out. You’re not restricted to the Titanfall schemes of old, and there are tons of ways to make your character feel like your own. Replacing things like burn cards and avoiding kill streak ideas also helps to keep the gameplay feeling fluid and fun all the way through.


Also, it’s pretty important to note that Respawn has already said that all future map packs will be free. No more season passes is a phenomenal thing for gamers. You get the whole game…in its entirety…all the way through. I love it. If you haven’t already picked up Titanfall 2….why? You should! Support this game and support its awesome developers. They love their community and they have crafted one of the most fun shooters of 2016.


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