Comic Corner: Infamous Iron Man (Review)

So, the Marvel Universe is in a very interesting place right now. These days it seems that all the capes are changing, and the story lines are changing a lot with them. Within the recent events of Marvel’s second superhero Civil War, many of our favorite folks became corpses, pariahs, martyrs, and much more. Tony Stark was one such man. In order to prevent any spoilers, I won’t go too deeply into what befalls the (sometimes) beloved founding Avenger. However, what I WILL say is that he is no longer Iron Man. To that note, we have his successors, Riri Williams and the protagonist of this series, Victor Von Doom.


That’s right folks, Dr. Doom is one of the new Iron Men. However, is he using his powers for good or evil? Well…it seems to be a bit in between. After the events of Secret Wars, it seems that Doom did a bit of soul searching. Removing his famous armor and instead opting to wear the newly fixed face that Reed Richards had provided him, he began traveling the globe doing “good”. These travels lead him to his time with Tony Stark, working with him in the Invincible Iron Man series. However, after the events of Civil War, it appears to have donned on Doom that his quest for repentance could be better served as the new Iron Man.

I will say, the change makes (somewhat) sense. Doom is as smart as Tony, more powerful with his magic, and in the same sense, it’s a welcome and unexpected change to the flow of things. However, with three issues currently in the chamber right now, is it worth picking up? Honestly, it’s a bit of a mixed bag. The art itself is nothing to be shocked by. Honestly, it’s not my favorite. Opting for what appears to be a canvassed style of art, it’s mildly fitting. It feels like an old German painting come to life. However, when characters like the Thing enter the picture…it looks a little…rough.


Story wise, it’s a bit slow. The build up that’s been going on to find out exactly what’s going on in Doom’s mind provides a lot of never before seen backstory and context. It also gives an interesting retelling of the post Secret Wars era from the man who was at the center of it all. Beyond that, Doom taking up Tony Stark’s mantle seems to be something that’s far more fascinating on paper than it has been in execution so far, simply because…well, not much is happening.

Honestly, I’d say let this one cook a little longer before you jump in. Month by month, this is something that will interest collector’s more than casual readers. If you can wait until the comics come out in a collected edition, you may have a much better read on your hands. I feel like this is a series that is far more fascinating to binge than it is to read in it’s installment form.


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