Comic Corner: Green Valley (Recommend)

Green Valley is an interesting indie title that I had meant to pick up but never really got around to. The last few months have been so heavy with new lines and newer releases, it definitely hit the back burner for me. However, I was pleasantly surprised wen I finally did pick it up, as I realized that this is definitely an indie title worth reading. Beautiful art and a fascinating, mature story help to make each page come to life, and begin a story that I absolutely can’t wait to see the end of.

green valley.jpg

Green Valley stars a group of knights who make a critical error, and for it they are punished severely. Losing their home, their loves, and their legacies, the knights struggle with day to day life. No longer are they enjoying the grand life in a king’s court, however they’re trying to maintain a life at all, no matter what that may constitute. Suddenly, along comes a young boy with a quest to slay a wizard and a dragon, and the gentlemen can’t help but to jump right in.


Now, I will say that the story is definitely slow. While it’s packed with action from the start, it definitely requires a bit of re reading to truly understand everything that’s going on. However, the beautiful, and I truly do mean beautiful, artwork that sprawls across each page helps to truly elevate the reading experience from issue to issue. Characters are meaningfully drawn, and the dialogue feels as natural as if you were watching it on television. It’s far too easy for these indie comics to fall into some pretty terrible tropes, but so far Green Valley has managed to evade them.


Some extreme shocks in the third issue help to cement the fascinating nature of this comic, and from what I’ve seen, there are going to be plent more surprises to come throughout the series. If you haven’t already checked out Green Valley, the CulturED World is giving a thorough recommendation. It’s a nine part series, so make sure you can get in now, as I’m sure this is going to be one that will definitely take off.


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