Comic Corner: Monsters Unleashed! (Review)

So, in my opinion, Marvel’s recent main event was a bit weak. The premise of Civil War II started off strong, but eventually petered out due to some creative missteps along the way. While it did shape the future of the Marvel Universe quite sternly, it also made room for a new event to take its place. Enter: Monsters Unleashed! The newest blockbuster event from Marvel Comics that promises to be giant sized. The first event that features new teams like the recently switched up Avengers roster, the Champions, as well as the X Men and the Inhumans, it’s promised to be an over sized event.


So, with three issues currently out (one main, two side issues) it’s fair enough to give it a bit of an early judgment and see exactly what the plot line is going to be looking like in future story lines. So, it seems that these leviathon (or like, kaiju) sort of creatures are falling to the Earth, and the only ones who can stop them are our heroes. First and foremost, I think it’s pretty cool that we’re finally getting to see teams like the Champions (who I’m a huge fan of) in action in this event, as well as seeing the new Avengers roster (featuring Peter Parker’s Spider Man and Hercules, newly) in action. While the story itself seems to be more of a filler arc in the Marvel Universe, I’m happy to at least take a break from heroes fighting heroes for a while.

One thing that really bugs me, unfortunately, is the art. Boasting an extremely colorful cover, as well as remembering the brilliantly penned art of Civil War II, coming to this series feels a bit cartoon-ish. It’s also a bit unfortunate that we don’t get to see Alpha Flight and Captain Marvel throw their hats in the ring in this whole situation, as well as the Uncanny Avengers. Due to the recent change in relationships with a lot of heroes in the Marvel Universe, we’re definitely going to see some different teams getting the spotlight in this newer series. With tie ins like the Avengers and Spider Man/Deadpool entering the ring so far, it’s been interesting to say the least. I’m also thoroughly enjoying the crossover between all of the different series that are running concurrently.


While the first issue was a bit light on content and heavy on setup, this looks like a series that’s going to be pretty heavily reliant on the side titles to tell a full story. While I’m not the biggest fan of stories like these, I’ll definitely say that it’s at least one worth keeping your eye on. I’m hoping that it will be a much better monthly read as opposed to Civil War II, which was much more of a trade paperback type of pickup. If you’re looking for a nice change in pace in the Marvel Universe, I’d suggest checking this out, at least for now. My opinion may change based on later iterations of the series.


For now, Monsters Unleased gets a recommendation, but tentatively. I’m a bit worried that the series may fall pretty flat, as there won’t be any major revelations or character change ups. However, for some that might be a good thing. Those that are looking for heroes to be heroes rather than spend time in political spheres and debate over who should be going to jail should be pleasantly surprised. I’m also hoping that there will be some sort of huge twist that will really make this series worth reading.


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