Comic Corner: Thanos (Recommend)

Thanos. The Mad Titan. The Destroyer. He comes in many names, but he’s just as feared no matter which one you call him by. It’s the first time in several years that he’s had his own solo series, and he’s made a stellar return. Dealing with a story line the likes of which we haven’t seen yet, we may see yet another huge change in Marvel’s current roster. As it is revealed in the very first issue…Thanos is dying. The series follows the titan as he searches the galaxy for answers, and for a cure. Carving a brutal and bloody path through the universe, mysterious forces move in the shadows to finally bring down the Titan’s nearly immortal reign.

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So, for those who aren’t too versed in the Marvel universe, this story is HUGE. Rain, sleet, snow or shine…you could always count on Thanos. Thanos was the immortal being that managed to kill James Rhodes during the second superhero Civil War. He managed to destroy his homeland and conquer a massive sector of the universe. With his infinity gems, he managed to nearly bring down the entire universe several times, but the good guys usually manage to contain him. Notice how I said contain? Yeah, that’s right. Earth’s mightiest heroes couldn’t ever truly bring him down. They could only lock him up or shoot him back into space where he couldn’t bug them. This time…this time, Thanos is kill-able.

Moving through the universe, we see longstanding characters that haven’t popped up in a while. Characters like Star Fox and Thane pop back up to begin plotting against their family member, and we get to see characters from Thanos’s past that we haven’t had pop up in ages, which makes the story all the more interesting. The typical issues with a Thanos story are subverted here, as we can finally see Thanos truly fighting for his life throghout the series. Even though most of us are rooting against him, it’s still interesting to see just how terrible he can be, and given a reminder at just how frightening his legacy is.


I will let folks know that the series is definitely absent any major Marvel heroes so far. If you’re looking to see Captain Marvel or the Ultimates or the Avengers drop in and beat up Thanos, the story isn’t exactly shaping up like that. However, we do get to see some familiar face in the form of the Shi’Ar Royal Guard, and the fight between them and Thanos is absolutely epic.

If you’re a huge Thanos fan, this looks to be one for the books. If you’re a big fan of Marvel in general, this is going to be one that you’ll want to check out. Thanos’s quest to cure himself is set to be a phenomenal blockbuster event that shows one of the most evil villains in the Marvel universe at his most desperate, hunting through the galaxy for a cure. This one is a definite recommendation, so check it out as soon as you can!


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