Animania: My Hero Academia (Review)

My Hero Academia is a unique experience in anime that only comes along once ever few years. It’s that fantastic blend of fun, heartfelt, and strong that makes you want to continue watching, and honestly makes you feel like a kid again. Deku, a young child who is “Quirkless” in a world that prides itself on having superpowers, has a hard time throughout his life. Idolizing the greatest hero of them all, “All-Might” he’s wanted nothing more than to become exactly like him. Possessing a quiet soul, and a hero’s heart, this is the story of how Deku becomes the greatest hero of them all.


First off, I have to compliment the animation as I often do. WOW. It is simply beautiful in every aspect. We’re talking about a situation in which this show manages to keep up fantastic quality throughout each fight scene, and even through simple character interactions. Never do we see a dip, and that is honestly impressive. Granted, the show is only in its first season, but for this moment at least we’re getting a full dose of the best Funimation has to offer.

On top of this, I should also compliment just how fantastic the fight scenes are in this show. The look and feel of the characters slamming against each other and trading the blows that you can feel the power behind…its phenomenal. On top of this, it’s pretty hard to keep interest in a premise that’s been done to death quite a few times before. It’s like that old movie, Super Hero High or something like that, however I feel that this one is done just so much better in a lot of different ways. Interesting characters compounded with interesting scenarios make for a very good story.


Now, to be fair, I will have to comment on the fact that the show falls on its own sword several times when it come to cliches. Like I mentioned before, the whole zero turned hero story is basically one that’s been done…well…forever. We’re basically watching Hercules in a superhero setting. However, My Hero Academia adds its own flare to the situation, making everything much more pallet-able in the end, and ultimately it’s so much better for it. The longevity of the show is entirely cared by just how likable and fantastic all of the protagonists are, really, outstanding job.


So, is My Hero Academia worth watching? Absolutely. In the coming years, this anime is absolutely going to become a juggernaut. It’s going to become a Naruto/One Piece/Bleach kind of juggernaut in the coming years. In fact, I would wager that this is going to become one of the best rated anime as well, as long as they can keep the writing as sharp as it is, and tell an even more engaging story as time goes on. For now, I have to salute My Hero Academia absolutely, and give it a hearty recommendation.


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